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Spalding Fasteners has been a trusted supplier of fasteners and accessories for over 20 years.

We stock a wide range of fasteners in a variety of threads and materials, including many of the old imperial threads such as UNF, UNC, BA, BSF, etc. All of our products can be dispatched to you within a single working day if you order before 11am. Our fasteners include bolts, nuts, washers, screws, clips, grommets and terminals; we also have many other products for use in various industries.

We also stock a range of associated tools and accessories and a complete range of taps and dies.

Mixed Boxes & Assorted Sets

Fasteners can be used for a variety of different applications and our mixed boxes & assortment sets include fastener kits. We have a wide range of box sets, put together using items we have in stock, sent to you in clip down boxes with removable dividers. Our mixed boxes & assorted sets can include;

  • Sets of bolts and screws (including machine screws)
  • Clips and pins
  • Grommets, rivets, washers, nuts and nut covers
  • Rivets, terminals and self-tappers
  • Other fasteners and accessories

We always stock a comprehensive range of fasteners and fixings from which we can create mixed boxes and assorted sets.

Mixed Boxes & Assorted Sets

Bolts & Set Screws

Set bolts & set screws are similar in appearance, which often leads to confusion between them. Both are versatile and commonly used in construction. Set bolts are fully threaded which allows the entire length of the screw to be inserted into the object. Set bolts are similar, often used for attaching two items together and work best in wood although set bolts can also be used in plastics and other common construction materials. The versatility of bolts & set screws means they are always popular with construction workers. You can buy a huge range of bolts & set screws quickly and conveniently online from us. We have cost effective prices and can deliver your items to you within 24 hours using a courier service. If we do not have your screw or bolt in stock, we can source the products you need.

Bolts & Set Screws

Plastic Products

Our plastic products for fastening include a range of nuts, rivets and trim clips as well as other associated products such as rawl plugs. Plastic trim and panel fasteners can be used for a variety of applications and uses. They are made from high-quality polymers meaning that they are cheap, easily produced and offer advantages over other fastening materials (such as steel) in that they do not corrode or conduct electricity. In highly specialised applications or hazardous environments they provide vital reliability for users. Plastic products also have a neater appearance, meaning they are perfect for applications where you can not conceal the fastener.

Plastic Products
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