Spartal Ltd

Spartal Ltd. is an independent BS EN ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of cold drawn aluminium tubes of O/D 2mm-170mm and during its 20+ years has extended its range of products, services and activities to include tubular components, subassemblies and fully finished product. From a South Midlands location we are proud to serve a customer base across the UK whose operations extend into such diverse markets as Auto-Aero-Marine-Rail, Art-Craft-Textile, Interior Décor- Heating and Ventilation, Electrical Connectors and Wire Rope Ferrules.

From white canes for the RNIB and garden appliances to domestic gas central heating flues and defence industry tubular containers.  
Seamless or porthole, all alloys can be processed, heat treatment and surface finishing also available, Tightly Toleranced Telescopics are routine products.
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