SPARTANICS’ founded in 1963 with headquarters in Rolling Meadows, IL USA, specializes in the development and manufacturing of automated optical registration equipment,

  • Die cutting accuracy and punch press machinery
  • Laser cut systems
  • Vision inspection systems
  • Counting machines
  • Screen Printing
  • Lower production costs and secure auditing.

All of the equipment manufactured by Spartanics has wide potential for applications where flat sheet material is used. The equipment has been successfully used in production of :

  • credit cards,
  • variety of plastic cards,
  • printed circuit boards,
  • flexible circuits,
  • printed laminated plastics,
  • decorative nameplates of all types,
  • clock faces,
  • dials and decorative automotive,
  • abrasives
  • appliance trim.

Nobody thinks of Spartanics as a household name, yet it is likely that every household in the Western world, and many in developing nations as well, have products that were made with the help of one or another pieces of Spartanics equipment.

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