Special Integrated Design (SID) Ltd


Special Integrated Design Ltd was established in 2000 as a company specialising in industrial automation technology.

We are located in Coleford, Gloucestershire, UK and are ideally placed to serve businesses throughout the South West, Midlands and South Wales.

Our Core Business Areas

  • Special purpose machines
  • PLC based control system manufacture
  • PLC & HMI programming
  • Updating obsolescent control systems
  • Diagnosis and repair of industrial drives and controls

Industrial Automation South Wales

The following is a list of services that we can provide:

  • Design consultants for electrical and mechanical problems.
  • Experienced prototype machine development specialists.
  • Process control design.
  • Suppliers of purpose built enclosures.
  • Programming of most PLC's including modifications to existing programs.
  • PLC / programming training - tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Special purpose machines - from simple jigs and fixtures to complete automated machines.
  • Second sourcing of components and replacing obsolete components.
  • Refurbishment of existing machines.
  • Modifications to existing machines.
  • Fault finding, rectification and PLC documentation.

Skin Protector Printer

We have developed a printing machine specifically aimed at the stoma care manufacturing sector. This machine uses the screen print process to print the cut-to-size template, identity code and manufacturers information onto skin protector flanges (wafers).

Through the use of UV curing technology the printed surface is dry in under 2 seconds. This is superior to solvent ink based printing as very little heat is transferred into the skin protector and there are no concerns over ink drying on the screen due to solvent evaporation. Precise control of the UV lamp is through our in-house developed step less control system. Operation is made very simple through the application of a high degree of automation control. Therefore the machine will function with minimal operator supervision.
Skin Protector Printer

UV Curing Systems South West

Special Integrated Design is able to offer custom designed mercury arc UV curing systems. We can manufacture units not only for new applications but also to replace or upgrade old and inefficient installations.

Elements of a UV Curing System

  • The control system

We have designed a control system for UV lamps, which provides a stepless output to the lamp. In addition it provides interfacing signals for status and error conditions that can be connected to higher level control equipment, such as a PLC. This system is used on our own screen printer. Click HERE to learn more about our printer.

  • The light source
Based on the application we can offer flood or focused reflector designs and a selection of lamps with varying wavelengths and power outputs to ensure your product receives the correct dose of UV radiation.
  • The housing
As for the control system we are able to custom design and manufacture UV housings. These feature shielded entry/exit points to eliminate light leakage and if appropriate can be fitted with a shutter system to prevent sensitive substrates from overexposure.
UV Curing Systems South West

Machinery Refurbishment

Do you suffer from machinery that is continually breaking down due to problems with its control system?

Many older machines are well designed and solidly constructed. Our experience has shown that in many cases the primary cause of problems with these machines lies with the control system rather than the mechanics. This situation is compounded by the equipment not often complying with current safety legislation and with poor or nonexistent spares availability.   In these instances often the best solution is to design a new control system. As well as improved uptime there are additional benefits such as a greatly enhanced operator interface, smaller control cabinet footprint, and in some instances improvements in cycle time can be realised.   Furthermore, in designing a new control system the machine’s functionality can be tailored to your exact requirements.   We have considerable experience in the modernisation and upgrading of pharmaceutical equipment, such as tablet presses and fluid bed dryers.
Machinery Refurbishment

PLC Training

We offer PLC training - this can be tailored to suit your requirements. We can discuss your requirements and provide at your site a combination of classroom theory and "hands - on " tutorials. Training can be based around your own machines so that the training is relevant to your equipment. We can provide training to persons with no previous knowledge with documentation provided.


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