Specialised Process Solutions Ltd


At Specialised Process Solutions Ltd, we specialise in the supply of triple roll and laboratory mills. Our selection of mills are available in fixed or variable speed and can be refurbished to meet your requirements.


Since 2003, we have used our extensive knowledge of process and mixing applications to produce custom-built, innovative designs. Our process and mixing applications are durable and are available in laboratory to full production size.


We supply single column and twin column pressout units, in laboratory to full production size. Our pressouts are built to your individual specification and include full hydraulic control on head lift and press.

Table Systems

We provide compact table systems to provide safe ergonomic transport of products between processes. Our table systems are easy to install and are designed to meet your requirements.

Used Machines

We supply a variety of used machines to meet a range of requirements. Our used machines are reconditioned and include mills, mixers, pressouts and table systems.


We provide an excellent range of services including maintenance, training, electrical services and installation. Our skilled engineers have extensive knowledge of automation systems and are fully trained to provide worldwide mechanical and electrical services and parts.

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