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We offer a complete range of technical adhesive tapes at affordable prices combined with over 25 years of experience in the development and application of adhesive tape solutions. All of our products are available in customised roll widths and we offer prompt delivery to all international locations.

High Temperature Masking Tapes

Powder Coating Masking Tapes
Polyester and Polyimide tapes with high temperature silicone adhesive- available in customised roll widths.


PCB Masking Tapes
Masking tapes for PCB assembly. High temperature removable tapes for protection of circuit board connectors through holes and components during soldering operations.


Autoclave Masking tapes / Flashbreaker Tapes
High temperature tapes for vacuum bag sealing and resin flow prevention during autoclave curing of composites. Flashbreaker tapes for honeycomb section manufacture.


Specialised polyester, aluminium and paper masking tapes for aerospace maintenance,  plating and hot air levelling processes also available.

High Temperature Masking Tapes

Electrical Insulation Tapes

  We offer a comprehensive range of competitively priced high performance electrical  tapes for  insulation classes Y (80OC) to    H  (180OC) which are used in the following applications:

• Transformer, Coil and Motor Insulation

• Traction Motors

• Oil Filled Transformers 

• Capacitor manufacture 

• Flat Cable construction


Our tapes are constructed from high performance backing materials, including:


• Polyester Film

• Acetate Cloth

• Glasscloth

• Nomex® Polyamide Paper

• Glass reinforced Polyester film

• Glass reinforced Paper

• Kaladex® PEN Film


• Kapton® Polyimide Film


Different adhesive systems are offered to suit every application:

• Thermosetting Rubber

• Acrylic

• Silicone


Many of our electrical tapes are UL approved and listed in UL insulating systems. All products are supplied custom slit to specification. 


® Registered Trademark of Du Pont



Electrical Insulation Tapes

Tamper Evident Tapes and Labels

Secure T.R.A.C self wound tamper evident tape or T.R.A.C seal labels can be used to seal your goods and will provide physical  visual evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message if the tape is peeled. In order to prevent reapplication of the tape a special coating has been applied so that it cannot be resealed. Both products are sequentially numbered to prevent application of an identical piece of tape after removing the original seal. The high performance solvent based adhesive is resistant to both high and low temperatures and will not deteriorate upon aging.

Secure T.R.A.C tape and T.R.A.C seal labels can be supplied in customised form with your logo/company name on the face and the hidden message designed to your specification. Also available in various colours and a selection of adhesive systems to suit your particular application.

Secure T.R.A.C. Tamper evident tape

Supplied in self wound rolls in a variety of widths. The tape is applied as you would any normal carton sealing tapes, either by hand tape guns or by automated mechanical dispensers.

T.R.A.C Seal Labels

Available in rolls and sheets in a variety of shapes or die cut to your specification.


Tamper Evident Tapes and Labels

Sailmaking Tapes

Tape Drive Sails

A range of fibre reinforced tapes employing Glass, Carbon and Twaron fibres used to manufacture high performance Tape Drive sails. Available in customized form with multiple fibres laminated to a high bond strength polyester tape for permanent application
to sail skins.

Sail manufacture and maintenance

Lightweight taffeta tape for covering sails and for leech and patch protection
Double sided seamstick tape
Single sided seam securing tape


Sailmaking Tapes

Splicing Tapes

Single and double sided tapes for splicing of narrow and wide webs. Special adhesives available for specific surfaces such as silicone rubber and silicone coated paper/film.

Typical applications:

• Silicone Paper Splicing

• Splicing of converting materials

• Synthetic Leather Production

• Thin Film Splicing

Splicing Tapes

Industrial Bonding Tapes

A range of high performance single and double sided tapes based on film, foil, paper and  cloth. Adhesive systems to suit all exposure conditions. For mounting, laminating, protecting, masking and securing. Applications in many sectors including:

• HVAC-Air Conditioning and heating systems
• Refrigeration
• Die-cutting
• Automotive
• Graphic Arts
• Synthetic Leather Manufacture
• Automation
• Photo Processing and Mounting
• Picture Framing

Industrial Bonding Tapes

Protective Bumpers

BumperstopsTM are unique self-adhesive polyurethane bumpers, protectors, feet and buffers. Ideal for preventing slipping and reducing noise and vibration , BumperstopsTM have numerous applications in the production of consumer items across all sectors including:

Domestic Appliances
Picture Framing

BumperstopsTM are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours including clear transparent and can also be customised.


Protective Bumpers

Dispensable Adhesive Dots

FastfixersTM are dots of adhesive supplied on a roll of release paper. Safe, easy to apply alternative to hot melt guns for temporary or permanent application  to paper, film or foils. Available in different dot sizes and a range of adhesive types to suit all surfaces, fastfixers are the ideal  method of  securing  your products:

CD to magazines
Cover mounting
Merchandising promotions
Transit packaging
Free Samples
Product Assembly

Dispensable Adhesive Dots
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