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Spectral Dynamics is a leading worldwide supplier of SYSTEMS and SOFTWARE for VIBRATION TESTING, structural dynamics and acoustic analysis. Spectral Dynamics' products are used for design verification, product testing and process improvement by manufacturers of all types of electronic and mechanical products. A privately held corporation with more than 100 employees, Spectral Dynamics has offices in San Jose and San Marcos, CA, Detroit MI, Baltimore MD, France, Germany, India and the United Kingdom as well as sales and service representatives worldwide.


Spectral Dynamics, Inc. Founded 1961
TimeData Corp., later GenRad Structural Test Products (STP) Founded 1966
Dunegan/PIND Testers Founded 1968 Synergistic Technology Incorporated (STI) Founded 1978.
Structural Measurement Systems (SMS) Founded 1979

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KRONOS V is the first turn-key system designed to provide true spectral content based, objective real-time engine knock detection and multi-cylinder acoustic analysis.

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Balance Tool

The BalanceTool application is a modern application for performing dynamic balancing on Rotating Machinery.

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  • Fully integrated with Puma™ or Cougar™, or standalone.
  • Single Plane Balancing
  • Production Mode (Single Shot) Balancing
  • ODBC Compliant Test Database
  • Engine Database
  • Weights Database
  • Metric or English units
  • Printing
Balance Tool

CATS - The Computer-Aided Test Suite

The Computer-Aided Test Suite™ - scalable hardware and software to meet a wide range of dynamic test requirements

Data Analysis

PUMA Vibration Control and Analysis System

  • 4 to 32 input channels with ICP
  • Up to 51.2 kHz sample rate per channel
  • Powerful distributed Digital Signal Processors

 Vibration Control Applications

  • Random
  • Sine
  • Classical Shock
  • SRS Synthesis
  • Seismic Testing
  • Road Simulation
  • Sine on Random
  • Random On Random

Signal Analysis Applications

  • Modal Analysis (including MIMO data acquisition)
  • Rotating Machinery Analysis
  • Swept Sine Analysis (with digital tracking filters)
  • Transient Analysis (SRS)
  • General Signal Analysis
  • Throughput to Disk
CATS - The Computer-Aided Test Suite

PUMA / COUGAR Vibration Control and Analysis System

PUMA / COUGAR Vibration Control and Analysis System

Revolutionizing Vibration Testing
PUMA (Cougar for portability) utilizes Spectral Dynamics’ innovative Computer-Aided Test Suite™ (CATS) architecture. Both take full advantage of the PC’s powerful Intel processor and Windows XP technology. Optimized for multi-tasking, and founded on industry connectivity and data interchange protocols, the CATS make your entire test and validation process more timely and efficient.

Versatile Test Capabilities
The Computer-Aided Test Suite™ vibration control and analysis applications were designed to meet a wide range of test requirements. With scalable hardware and software the Vibration Control and Analysis System combines the simplicity of operation required for production screening with the power and versatility required for R&D prototype testing.

4 to 32 input channels with ICP
Analysis to 40 kHz with 12,800 lines
Scalable h/w and s/w architecture
Powerful Multiple DSP architecture
Comprehensive vibration test capabilities
Extensive laboratory integration and test automation features

PUMA / COUGAR Vibration Control and Analysis System

JAGUAR Signal Analysis and Shake Control

Powerful workstation-based system for large scale Shaker Control, signal analysis, and MIMO Shaker Control

Shaker Control

Jaguar provides a full suite of closed loop Shaker Control applications with up to 98 control channels and over 500 response channels.  Patented adaptive control techniques provide the highest levels of accuracy and safety.

Signal Analysis

Jaguar’s multiple Acquisition Control Peripheral (ACP) architecture allows expansion to hundreds of channels without sacrificing signal processing performance.  Dedicated throughput disks for each ACP provide time streaming to disk at up to the maximum sample rate. Comprehensive signal analysis capabilities include FFT Analysis, Transient Analysis (SRS), Swept Sine Analysis (with true digital tracking filters) and Modal Analysis using MTS I-DEAS™.

Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) Shaker Control

With hardware optimized for multiple degree of freedom control testing, Jaguar provides MIMO control capabilities not found in any other system.

  • True Gaussian random control using Spectral Dynamics patented adaptive control
  • True swept sine control with digital tracking filters.
  • Transient control for shock synthesis and seismic testing.
  • Waveform replication control with real-time frame by frame H(f) updating
JAGUAR Signal Analysis and Shake Control

Lynx SRS Displays

24 bit input, compact, powerful, rugged and affordable with comprehensive test capabilities:
Random, Sine, and Classical Shock with SRS displays.

  • 4 input channels with ICP®
  • Powerful multiple DSP architecture
  • Comprehensive vibration test capabilities:
  • Random
  • Sine
  • Classical Shock with SRS displays
  • Autoranging input and output attenuators for over 90 dB usable dynamic range
  • Extensive safety, automation, and test configuration features
  • Flexible data storage with display overlays of current and stored test results
  • Powerful hardware processor for the fastest and most accurate control possible
  • Fully documented post-test summary with and without Microsoft Office
Lynx SRS Displays

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