Spectrum Engineering Solutions


Spectrum Engineering Solutions solve a wide range of equipment and environmental engineering challenges.

We specialise in:

Rotating equipment -

  • pumps,
  • compressors, fans and blowers 
  • motors & drives
  • spare parts for gas, steam and hydro turbines
  • gaskets
  • filters

On the environmental side of the business we specialise in:

  • Waste Water Treatment - skimmers, chemistry, filtration, pollutant removal and nutrient recovery, COD and BOD reduction, sludge de-watering, rotary screens, tanks, filter presses
  • Spill Response - super absorbents, hazard control, environmental protection
  • Specialist Cleaning Solutions - plastics decontamination, graffiti removal, tyre mark removal, difficult stains, builders clean

Our team are specialists in their particular fields of engineering offering a wide portfolio to a variety of different industries.

Benefits to our customers include increased plant reliability, decreased running costs, improved environmental performance and lower carbon footprint, cost effective spares management, legislative compliance and cost reduction on waste.

Waste Water Treatment

Spectrum Engineering Solutions provide a broad spectrum of bespoke solutions for all types of water treatment and effluent issues.

Whatever your challenge we can find the right solution.

The equipment we can offer through agency and distributor agreements include:

  • Membrane Filtration
  • Rotary Screens
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • pH Control Equipment
  • Biological Treatment
  • Fat, Oil and Grease Skimmers
  • Filter Press
  • Storage and Settling Tanks
  • Chemicals and Chemical Safety
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Plants
  • Pumps, compressors and mixers

Some of the solutions Spectrum Engineering Solutions has offered in the past for customers facing rising costs for disposal and pressure from the water authorities regarding their effluent have included:

  • Fats oils and grease harvesting or elimination (aka solvent extractable material)
  • Blood removal from abattoirs effluent water
  • Flour removal
  • Heavy Metals removal
  • Milk (White Water) clean up from dairies effluent water
  • Solvents
  • Ammonia reduction
  • Odour Control
  • Foam Control product for every occasion
  • Waste Water Decontamination
  • Leachate Treatment
  • Oily water clean-up.
  • pH Control
  • Brewery Effluent

As well as delivering compliance we have a proven track record in improving our customer’s plant reliability, lowering running costs, labour costs and hazardous waste disposal costs.

Pumps. compressors, turbines and motors

With over 20 years’ front line experience in supporting and supplying pumps, and fully backed up by the resources of the manufacturers we represent, Spectrum Engineering Solutions can deliver all your rotating equipment requirements including:

Pumps including centrifugal, diaphragm, positive displacement, progressive cavity, borehole, submersible, screw, dosing, gear, oil transfer, fuel, vacuum.

  • Compressors
  • Parts for Steam, Gas and Hydro Turbines
  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filtration
  • Electric Motors and drives

Machine park

The core business of the machine park is the manufacturing of equipment and components for a wide range of industry sectors including offshore oil and gas, upstream refineries, power generation, mining. paper, food and drink and manufacturing.

Components are manufactured from customer entrusted drawings, design prepared documentation or indeed samples.

All operations are carried out within the Integrated Management System including ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001.

The modern machine park boasts traditional and modern CNC tools including multiple milling machines, lathes, turning centres, CNC wire cutting machines, tool grinding etc.

Spill Absorbents

Dealing with spills for many is a major inconvenience, taking workers away from their core activities. Many spill products are not absorbent (sand and granules), hazardous to your health (granules) and just contribute to making a greater environmental mess. Luckily there are fast acting, clean environmentally responsible solutions and Spectrum has a range from which you can select.

Spill Hound is a third-generation absorbent based on highly modified plant fibres. The Spill Hound fibre structure has an ultra-high affinity for oils and gives unequalled performance in spill containment and control.

Spill Hound can be recycled up to 6 - 8 times (depending on the nature of the spills) when used through the spill hound recycling system.

Spill Hound Applications

  • Encapsulation of hazardous hydrocarbon waste and sludges
  • Containment of oil & solvent-based paint spillages
  • Preferential absorption of oil in the presence of water

Gaskets and Sealing Materials

We provide manufacturers and service companies with innovative sealing products. We distribute filled-PTFE, compressed non-asbestos sheets/gaskets and semi-metallic gaskets. Our commitment to quality and service ensures that our customers receive high quality products in the shortest lead time possible. We offer design, engineering, technical and sales support, to both end users and distributors.

All of these products are tested throughout the manufacturing process by the onsite laboratory staff to provide consistency and traceability to our customers. This also applies to our line of metallic gaskets. All of these product lines are marketed under the Durlon® brand name.

Durlon® Sealing Products have the widest possible range of service applications, therefore, the number of gaskets required to be inventoried can be greatly reduced. This impacts process safety because limiting the number of gasket styles reduces the chance of installing the wrong gasket in the wrong service. For these reasons more and more original manufacturers and industrial consumers are specifying Durlon® gasket materials for their needs.


  • Unsurpassed seal ability drastically lowers emission levels
  • General purpose sheet out performs traditional economy sheets
  • Anti-stick coating reduces time spent removing gaskets
  • Good compressibility and recovery maintains tight seal


Ideal for the maintenance of air compressors and vacuum pumps of any make.

With more than 10 000 items available from stock which is updated several times a day, we are certain to have what you’re looking for.

Spectrum Engineering Solutions offer the full spectrum of filters for the maintenance of air compressors, vacuum pumps, hydraulic, air conditioning, water, dust and gas turbines of any make.

3 Reasons to order from Spectrum Engineering Solutions:

  • Quality – the filters come from the same source as the original equipment manufacturer
  • Speed – shipping is immediately from stock
  • Cost – no original equipment manufacturers mark up and low delivery costs

So if you are looking for air filters, oil filters, filter kits, VMC parts, vanes for vacuum pumps, fine filter elements, complete filters (housings), activated carbon for oil water separation, separators or anything from the Fleetguard program you are in the right place.

For a speedy response call or email us with your machine name and part number.

Cleaning Chemistry

Have you tried off the shelf products with no success?

Are your problems specific to you?

Our cleaning solutions include the correct product formulated to meet your specific needs.

All of our cleaning products are specifically engineered to make every cleaning job simple and easy and minimise laborious effort.

The cleaning products are trusted every day to clean a wide variety of vehicles, industrial floors, walls, workshops, machinery and factories.

The specialised formulations, allow floors to be cleaned quicker, vehicles to stay cleaner for longer, reducing the frequency of washing. This saves time, product, labour, water and waste.

Our range of products is suitable for everyday application and specialist requirements of cleaning contractors and facilities managers. Please contact us for a FREE on-site demonstration of our product range.

The products below illustrate the full range of businesses where our specialist cleaning products are used:

Ad-Blue Pumps and Accessories

Modern diesel cars, trucks, agricultural, forestry machinery as well as numerous construction machines are equipped with AdBlue tanks. Those have to be filled with urea (AdBlue) on a regular basis. 

Spectrum Engineering Solutions is offering tailor-made Adblue filling stations and tank systems. Available are mobile tank and stationary AdBlue filling solutions. The current range of 12V, 24V or 230V is giving the technician unlimited options to (re)fill AdBlue tanks.

Why do Diesel engines need AdBlue?

Diesel engines emit nitrogen oxides (greenhouse gases) due to their design. Those gases have an direct impact to the depletion of the ozone layer. In order to reduce the emission of this climate changing gas, the legislation has limited the maximum of the pollution, combustion engines can do. 

This is known as the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standard. In order to meet those limits, AdBlue (urea) is injected directly in front of the SCR catalytic converter. This enables modern diesel engines to convert the nitric oxide in to aprox. 90% harmless nitrogen and water.

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