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We are specialists in the field of electro-optical metrology and have been established since 1998. We also provide surface roughness and contact and non-contact metrology applications. Our electro-optical metrology equipment is from Taylor Hobson who are renowned for their precision equipment.

We provide the following:

  • Application and support in regards to your electro-optical metrology equipment
  • Repair and service of your electro-optical metrology products
  • Training and demonstration facilities
  • Hire of equipment and second-hand and ex-demonstration items
  • Help on electro-optical 'specials' such as fixings

Laser Tracker Accessories

We can provide a selection of laser tracker accessories through our agent Brunson who specialise in laser tracking and optical tooling items. We can provide advice, help and application support on the whole range of laser tracking accessories.

The range of laser tracking accessories includes:

  • Jig transits
  • Laser tracking accessories
  • SMRs
  • Tripods and stands
  • Targets and scales
  • Invar rods
 Laser Tracker Accessories

Workshop Surface Roughness and Roundness Instruments

We can provide you with a selection of workshop surface roughness and roundness instruments and we can help you whether you need advice or support on your equipment or new measurement problems.

Our workshop surface roughness and roundness instruments service includes:

  • Fast delivery
  • Technical and application support
  • Demonstration on-site or at our premises
  • Credit card payments
  • Bespoke fixturing or pick-ups to satisfy your needs
 Workshop Surface Roughness and Roundness Instruments

Non Contact Metrology Products

We are able to provide a wide range of non contact metrology products to cover a range of applications and uses.

Our non contact metrology products include projectors, workshop microscopes, VideoCAD, conoscopic measurement machines, stereoscopic zoom microscopes, and FARO gages.

 Non Contact Metrology Products

Gauging and Transducers

We can supply a selection of gauging and transducers suited to a range of applications.

Our gauging and transducers include displacement and dimensional transducers and conoscopic measurement equipment. For more detailed information on our gauging and transducers please see our website or contact us.

 Gauging and Transducers

Surtronic Duo Slipmeter

Our Surtronic Duo Slipmeter is an easily portable instrument that measures and analyses the surface roughness of flooring.

Our Surtronic Duo Slipmeter uses HSE SAT software and is supplied with reference standard for traceable results. Our Surtronic Duo Slipmeter is ideal for small or large areas as well as ramps, stairs and slopes.

We have sold over 100 Surtronic Duo Slipmeter  items to the HSE and it will predict slipperiness in water contaminated conditions.

 Surtronic Duo Slipmeter

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