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Spedo manufacture, supply and provide service support via national and international distributors for its range of forms cutters, slitter mergers, stackers, other ancillary forms processing, handling and print finishing equipment and spare parts.

Our complete product range and full technical service and support can be supplied directly from our manufacturing bases in the United Kingdom and United States or from our international distributors.

Print Finishing Equipment

Parts for all Spedo  equipment is now available at our NEW online shop.

Spedo UK's product range features high quality, robust and dependable equipment designed and tested to meet today's demanding applications.

We can also supply parts for Bowe forms cutters online. Visit www.bowecutterparts.co.uk for more details.

Print Finishing Equipment

Forms Cutters

Employing the latest technologies, Spedo offers its own range of cutters, forms handling equipment and accessories to a worldwide customer base from our US and UK headquarters.

The NEW SPEDO 2400 forms cutter offers more!

An intuitive touch screen operator panel powered by E-CORE, includes on-screen parts catalogue and gives total control over all aspects of the machines functionality. Exact speed settings, to a tolerance of one foot per minute for printer interface.

Over lifetime total counter and language interpretation. A NEW infeed system improves cut accuracy and web control. The most noticeable addition: - THE OPEN SIDE. Easier waste removal when running on-line or in-system.
  For more information on our products please visit our website.
Forms Cutters

Interface Units

Interface Units: Spedo provides a range of Interface Units to control the paper flow between high speed printers, un-winder units, die cutters and many other forms processing devices.

SPEDO 2230 Optical Loop Switch
Triggers Spedo cutter to continue cutting when sufficient paper is available to continue processing. SPEDO 2231 Optical Loop Interface
Balances the paper loop between a SPEDO  cutter and printer, un-winder, etc. Connects to both cutter and paper source to control generated loop
   SPEDO 971 - Centre Slit / Merge Interface Unit.
The same specification as a SPEDO 970 with an additional processor to allow the unit to communicate with a printer, un-winder, etc to control paper flow through the complete system.  970 Merger
SPEDO 973 Web Buffer
The SPED0 973 WEB BUFFER integrates Spedo systems with your high-speed printer for in-line, print on demand applications, and now includes slit and merge facilities as standard for greater flexibility. The SPED0 973 WEB BUFFER uses ultrasonic technology to match the speed of the printer and ensure a consistent web is maintained.
Interface Units

Conveyor Stacker

Spedo 8400 Conveyor Stacker is designed for both off and on-line applications.

Longer, wider table for increased capacity. Stacks UP (for short forms) or DOWN (for long). Systems control allows the operator to control the system from the output conveyor. Boost function for clearing the conveyor once the job is complete. Conveyor batching allows jobs to be batched without pausing the system..
Conveyor Stacker
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