Speedy Brush Co

Manufacturers of twisted-in-wire brushes in the UK and welcome international enquiries. We make cylindrical brushes with a twisted wire core for many uses.   We manufacture the following:  
  • bottle brushes
  • water filtration brushes
  • cavity brushes
  • air filtration brushes
  • medical brushes
  • architectural model brushes
  • industrial brushes
  • miniature tree brushes
  • applicator brushes
  • gun cleaning brushes
  • tube cleaning brushes
  • endoscope cleaning brushes and many more.
  We manufacture our brushes with the latest machinery. Both quality and service are our watchwords. We manufacture brushes from 1.25mm diameter - 270mm.


If you have a tube cleaning or filtration application then we certainly have the brush for you. Our bespoke brush manufacturing service will be able to select the best brush design for your application.


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