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At Spiers Engineering Safety, we are a specialist UK-based machinery safety consultancy. We offer exceptional-quality support in the conformity, compliance, inspection and risk assessment of machinery.

CE Marking Machinery

At Spiers Engineering Safety, we support the CE marking of machines throughout the world. From our base in the Midlands - the birthplace of modern industry, we are able to travel anywhere, whenever or wherever we are needed. As machine safety experts, we provide comprehensive CE marking machinery services including:

  • Conformity planning for large assemblies of machinery
  • Design risk assessments
  • CE Audits and CE Marking

As Machine Safety Experts our extensive knowledge includes Essential Health and Safety Requirements (ESHRs) and EN standards and we can offer advice whether you need to mark new or modified machines.

CE Marking Machinery

PUWER 98 Inspection

At Spiers Engineering Safety, we provide professional and comprehensive PUWER 98 inspection services. Although a different task to the CE marking of machinery, the competencies and knowledge required for the PUWER 98 inspection of machinery are shared - this ensures PUWER inspections completed by Spiers Engineering Safety are to the highest standard.

PUWER inspections are undertaken to ensure that your business equipment can be operated. A detailed report will be produced following your equipment and machinery inspection which will include recommendations based on current best practice and PUWER requirements as well as detailed risk assessments.

PUWER 98 Inspection

Planning for PUWER (PIPP)

Managing PUWER inspections can be intimidating for a business and here at Spiers Engineering Safety we can help. PUWER Planning and Prioritisation (PIPP) is designed to help you generate and maintain a formal PUWER register for your company. The benefits of this allow you to:

  • Plan your budgets
  • Reduce commercial risk
  • Direct resources on risk
  • Show your plans and arrangements to enforcement authorities if required
Planning for PUWER (PIPP)

Machine Safety Training

If you’re looking to acquire highly professional machine safety training and/or workshops, the experts at Spiers Engineering Safety will provide you with an exceptional service. At Spiers, we strive to improve industry awareness and competencies through training, and we are always looking to help and support new and existing clients in developing and maintaining their in-house competencies. Contact us to discuss machine safety training and workshops for your business.

Machine Safety Training
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