Spill Hound


Spill Hound is an oil absorption solution made from renewable derived materials. Spill Hound oil absorption is non abrasive and provides an unrivalled oil spill cleaning performance. Spill Hound does not contain any mineral-based or clay components and is used by many types of industries including: bus companies, garages, car manufacturers, airports, councils and the Armed Forces.

The way that Spill Hound is made makes it a natural absorbent of solvents, oils and paints that are oil based and will give unrivalled performance.

Oil Spill Recycling

Oil spill recycling is an important part of any oil spill program. The Spill Hound oil spill recycling centre is made of very tough plastic and aluminium but is lightweight.  Our oil spill recycling centre is mobile and will easy get to the oil spill location quickly.

The Spill Hound oil spill recycling centre holds 60 litres of Spill Hound and has a special brush to cope with the oil spill. There is also a shovel included which is spark proof and tough. Both the brush and shovel can be stored with an anti vibration and corrosion proof clamp.

Acid Spill Product

Spill Hound acid spill product was made to tackle acid spill control and the problems associated with how it is done. Usually acid spills are dealt with by dilution or neutralisation or a combination of both. This has the negative result of an acid aerosol mist which is an airborne hazard.

The Spill Hound acid spill product uses multi-carbonate neutralisation. The acid spill is neutralised whilst being contained in the Spill Hound absorbent. There is no acid aerosol and the spill can be safely swept up as a solid and disposed of safely.

Oil Only Socks and Pads

Oil only socks and pads are ideal for absorbing and containing spills that are large and around machinery. They are made from hydrophobic materials and will absorb oil based materials and repel water at the same time.

Our oil only socks and pads can be manufactured to order and can be used temporarily around leaking machinery to prevent any accidents at work. If you have vulnerable areas such as drains, equipment and waterways then oil only socks and pads are great as a temporary bund.

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