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Spin-It Ltd have been manufacturing and installing Domestic Car Turntables in the UK since 2005. The domestic car turntable solution we use today was originally designed and developed in-house throughout 2004 and 2005. It was released to the general public in 2005 and has been in production ever since.

At Spin-It Ltd we pride ourselves in our personal approach to looking after domestic customers. Every domestic customer has a unique project and we aim to provide the best Car Turntable service possible to each customer.

Our 'Spin-It' range of vehicle turntables are specifically designed to take away the headaches that come with having to maneuver vehicles in a tight space. Starting with our 3.8 metre diameter model suitable for a small hatchback, through to our 6 metre model, easily capable of turning two large family 4x4s.

Diffused Wall Photo Studio Turntable For Rent or To Buy

The Spin-It Diffused-Wall Photo-Studio Turntable has been developed to provide both Domestic and Trade clients the ability to either BUY or RENT an affordable all in one Photographic Studio Turntable solution for professional quality photographs and videos.

Whether you are photographing cars, caravans, motorcycles, clothes or furniture the diffused-wall photographic studio turntable will help you achieve professional quality images and videos quickly and repeatedly.

When selling items on-line a picture is definitely worth a 1000 words. Good quality pictures can be the feature that makes your item stand out as better than the rest and gets you more interest and a better sale price as a result.

Main Features...
•An all-in-one photo-studio turntable solution that incorporates all of the following in to one piece of equipment...
•6 Meter diameter turntable •Variable Speed
•Will run in both directions.
•Can be configured to rotate constantly for photography on the fly, or to stop for each shot.

•Access Ramp.
•Diffused wall panel system for even, all-around lighting.
•38 Back lights built in to structure. •Each light programmable in to any of 4 zones.
•Individually dimmable lighting zones.
•Record and recall up to 4 lighting scenes at the touch of a button.

Main Benefits...
•An all-in-one solution from a single supplier.
•No groundwork's required - the studio sits on top of the floor with no excavation required.
•No additional building works required to create a backdrop.
•No additional lighting required.
•Can be dismantled, moved, and re-assembled in a new location if required.

Try before you buy… Spin-It have a Diffused-Wall Photo-Studio Turntable in our Tamworth Showroom that is available for rent. For more details on purchasing or renting a Diffused-Wall Photo-Studio contact 0800 6128830.

Diffused Wall Photo Studio Turntable For Rent or To Buy
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