Spline Gauges


Here at Spline, we have an unmatched reputation for being the world’s leading manufacturer of master gears and spline gauges.

Within our excellent stock list, we have various high quality helical master gears tailor made to conform to many international standards. Our helical master gears work with ranges from 6mm to 300mm with a maximum number of teeth reaching 550.

Master Gears

We boast in having a leading position as a high quality master gears manufacturer with our broad range of customers including:

  • Leading companies and their suppliers
  • Several industries and OEMs
  • Precision engineering companies

 We sell master gears globally, either directly or through a network of valued distributors.

Master Gears

Spline Ring Gauge

We can manufacture and supply a broad variety of spline ring gauges, all tailored to comply with several international standards. Coming in many forms with a multitude of functions and ranges our spline ring gauges include the following:

  • Go and no-go spline ring gauges
  • Full form go ring gauges
  • Go and no-go spline plug gauges
Spline Ring Gauge

Spline Indicators

Our various spline indicators extent to meet many requirements incorporating many different features:

In our spline indicator range, we have:

  • Helical variable spline indicator plug gauges
  • Variable spline indicator ring gauges
  • Helical variable spline indicator ring gauges
Spline Indicators

Rotolock-Tapered Mandrels

Available in our stock-list amongst other expanding key type mandrels, we have a variety of rotalock-tapered mandrels.

Our rotalock-tapered mandrels are used predominantly for the clamping of splined components, but other functions include grinding and turning.

Rotolock-Tapered Mandrels

Concentricity Ring Gauge

Our splined lock up concentricity ring gauge carry out detailed inspections of component datum faces of diameters accurately and efficiently with the help of a run-out checking device.

 Our concentricity ring gauges work with ranges from 10mm to 300mm

Concentricity Ring Gauge

Powder Metal Components

Our broad assortment of powder metal components are designed and manufactured to cover many uses with their variety of different features. All of the powder metal components we produce are manufactured to master gear quality and/or ground lapped to mirror finish.

Powder Metal Components

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