Sponmech Safety Systems Ltd

Sponmech Safety Systems Ltd are one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of machine guards and perimeter safety fencing.

We are experts at solving industrial safety and noise problems. We design and manufacture machine guards and perimeter safety fencing systems for automation and logistic projects. We are original equipment manufacturers for many machine tool and robotic companies. We have a history of producing bespoke acoustic enclosures. We produce CNC fabricated and sheetmetal work.

We provide standard lathe, milling machine, drilling machine and grinding machine guards. We supply Webster and Bennett guards from stock designs. We supply Horizontal boring machine guards from stock designs. Our top selling perimeter fencing systems are of a high quality and we can offer an extremely quick lead time from order. We CAD design and build CNC sheet steel punched and folded acoustic enclosures to your specification. Access Budget Safety Fencing is also available ex-stock.

Amongst our machinery are CNC punch pressing, CNC press braking, CNC guillotine. We work with a range of materials from Stainless Steel to Polycarbonate. We have the capacity and experience to deliver very large projects. Most of our work is Powder Coat finished in a range of colours, from stock. We have our own powder coating facility.

Our guarding systems ensure compliance with the Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations 1998 (P.U.W.E.R 98).

Perimeter Safety Fencing

Perimeter Safety Fencing projects from Sponmech are tailored to your industrial safety needs, offering great quality and innovative design. We manufacture industrial plant perimeter guarding, safety fencing for robotised lines, warehouse paritioning, test-rigs guarding and many other types of fencing. We can supply, design and manufacture a perimeter safety project that will ensure workforce safety, comply with regulations and will not be a burden on productivity.

We manufacture mesh and steel fence partitions.

We offer the following 3 safety fencing systems:

Top Quality Perimeter Fencing Systems

TOP quality perimeter guarding range, hand-crafted perimeter safety fencing that is custom built for durability and reliability...

Our top quality perimeter safety systems are extremely strong compared to mass made fencing systems.
We design and manufacture hand-crafted perimeter safety fencing that is custom built for durability and reliability.
We cater to a wide range of customers; ensuring that our perimeter machine guarding is practical and fit for purpose.
We create safety fencing systems in a way that does not restrict customers' flow of production.
We produce perimeter guarding designed for strength and functionality.
Our bespoke perimeter guarding systems also look smart.
We have our own powder coating facility and can ensure that your industrial environment is complimented.
We take pride in only using the best materials for our perimeter safety fencing.
Our experience in safeguarding industry allows us to give you specialist advice on which materials will give you sustained protection.

Access Budget Safety Fencing Systems

Machinery Safety Fencing

Anti-Collapse Panels

Machine Safety Fencing

Recommended for machine safety guarding, logistic projects, material handling and warehouse partitioning...

Access Budget Safety Fencing is a modular safety fencing system.
Low cost.
Easy to install.
EX-STOCK guarding, please contact us with your requirements for a fast quotation.
Recommended for safety guarding, logistic projects and warehouse partitioning.
We custom make our access doors with proven designs and quality components. This sets us apart from our competitors as our doors can be relied upon to fit your machine.
Customers who bought this product include Nestlé, Jaguar Cars and Toyota.

Heavy Duty Safety Fencing

Caters for bespoke heavy duty perimeter safety fencing requirements...

We can design and manufacture safety guarding that is extremely resilient, hard wearing and fit for purpose.
We can fabricate durable perimeter fencing for Steel works, Steel processing plants, Quarries and Mineral processing plants.
Heavy duty perimeter safety fencing is usually made with 100x100mm Box section frames and 40x40 box or 50x50 panels, which ensures a greater degree of strength.

Perimeter Safety Fencing

Bespoke Machine Guards

Where standard guarding solutions are unsuitable for your machine, Sponmech will design and manufacture bespoke machine guards to meet current machine safety regulations...

Where standard guarding solutions are unsuitable for your machine, Sponmech will design and manufacture bespoke machine guards to meet current machine safety regulations. 
We have a history of producing bespoke machine guards, stretching back thirty years. 
Sponmech have designed and built all kinds of special purpose machine guards including guardsa for conveyors.
If you need a guard for any type of machine, the chances are “we have done it before”.
Sponmech have designed and built bespoke machine guards for Webster & Bennett Vertical Turning & Boring Machines, Kearns Richards / Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Boring Machines, CNC Lathes & Machining Centres, mechanical & hydraulic presses, process line fencing & acoustic enclosures.
Consider us a resource to achieve a safe working machine at the best possible cost.
We have specialist engineering designers who will provide you with custom-designed drawings for your approval.
We work with many materials including sheet steel, aluminium and polycarbonate. The chosen material is always matched to the safety requirements of the machine. 
Our bespoke machine guards will not disrupt workflow or production, they will be a compliment to your machine. 
Our systems will gain you compliance with The Provision and use of Workplace Equipment Regulations 1998.

Bespoke Machine Guards

Milling Machine Guards

Sponmech Safety Systems manufacture and supply a large range of Milling Machine Guards to suit virtually all types and sizes of conventional and CNC milling machines both horizontal & vertical including Bridgeport, XYZ, Huron, Cincinnati, Adcock & Shipley, Parkson & BSA.

As part of their “Next Generation” Standard Machine Guard Range, Sponmech supply guards fitted with electrical interlock systems.

The guards are built to protect the operator at all times from airborne cuttings and coolant. These shock proof guards provide excellent visibility and double safety micro switches for automatic shutoff.


Milling Machine Guards

Milling Machine Safety Guards

Sponmech supply a range of standard milling machine safety guards to protect the operator from stray coolant and cuttings. The mill guards feature double safety micro switches and multi-adjustable features.

The milling machine safety guards range includes:

  • PFR 02 (Multi Adjustable Mill Guard)
  • PER 01 (Universal Mill Guard)
  • PFR 10 (For Horizontal Slide Mills)
  • PFR 30 (Table Milling Machine Guard)
  • PFR 40 (Milling Machine Table Guard)
Milling Machine Safety Guards

Lathe Guards

Sponmech supply and manufacture a variety of guards for lathe machines to suit virtually all types and sizes of lathe including Colchester, DSG, Harrison, Crawford Swift & TOS Lathes.

With the optimum safety of the operator always at the focus, Sponmech ensure their products provide protection to the operator from the rotating chuck, coolant spray and protruding swarf waste. Our guards come complete with automatic shut off safety micro switches conforming to EN 1088 standards.

Made from materials including polycarbonates and stainless steel, our lathe machine guards are designed for easy access to the machine tools through various brackets, mounts and attaching options.

The Lathe Machine guard range includes:

  • Lathe Chuck Guards
  • Large Sliding Lathe Guards
  • Lathe Carriage Guards
  • Lathe Leadscrew Guards
  • Lathe Safety Bar
  • Sanding Belt Holders for Lathes 

Bespoke lathe guards are also available. Specialists are on hand to assist. Contact sales@sponmech.co.uk

You can view examples of our extensive bespoke machine guard work here

Lathe Guards

Drill Guards

Sponmech manufacture and supply various standard machine shop Drill guards for all different types of drill.

The PTR drill range protects operator from direct contact with rotating components and the projection of debris and coolant. All our standard 'Next Generation' drill guards are of supreme quality, offer maximum protection and will make your machine comply with PUWER 98 regulations. These quality drill guards will compliment your machine and ensure productivity is not infringed upon.


Drill Guards

Grinder Guards

Sponmech provide a wide range of Grinder Guards including Universal Grinder Guards and Surface Grinder Guards. All of our Grinding Machine Guards are compliant with P.U.W.E.R 98 and offer full protection to the operator without causing a hinderance on production. Click here to see the full range. 

Grinder Guards

Acoustic Enclosures

Largest producer of Acoustic Enclosures in the West Midlands

Sponmech offer the complete noise control solution for a range of industries. Our Sound Enclosures are designed for noise absorption, reverberation control and machine ventilation.
We have over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke noise control solutions. 
We also manufacture sound proofing enclosures, acoustic booths, acoustic panels and attenuation systems. 
Sponmech have noise control engineers who offer consultancy on all industrial noise issues and can conduct noise surveys and impact reports using the latest Pulsar instruments technology.  
CAD drawings are produced and fed to the machines that produce the sheet steel folded panels.
Sponmech have invested in the latest CNC machinery to be able to offer cost effective manufacture of bespoke Acoustic Enclosures for many industries.
A range of panel thickness is produced using Rockwool and Acoustic mesh to achieve the required decibel reduction. In some cases alternative foam based acoustic material is used.
Attenuated air intakes, powered doors, hinged doors and sliding doors can all be built.
Lights and fans are all available.
All parts are expertly powder-coated at our specially built powder-coating unit.
We provide a quality installation service by our fully trained fitters. 
Please take a look at our photos to the right handside of this page to see some examples of our work. 
For more information and advice on noise control or to arrange a noise survey contact Sponmech on 0121 585 8730.

Acoustic Enclosures

Machine Tool Enclosures

Bespoke enclosures from Sponmech can be designed for any application. For example we can design and fabricate enclosures for Robots, Machine Tools and Noise reduction...

Bespoke enclosures from Sponmech can be designed for any application. For example we can design and fabricate enclosures for Robots, Machine Tools and Noise reduction.

Our in house design team will produce tailored CAD drawings to suite your requirements.
Your enclosure will be built using our CNC punching and folding machines.
From prototype,repeat orders can be manufactured efficiently due to our capability to store programme details on our CNC machines.
Our enclosures can be made for any special purpose.
We can produce enclosures to exacting standards.
All our enclosures are built around and compliment your industrial environment ensuring that your flow of production is uninterrupted.
We have a powder coating facility in-house, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing finish to your enclosure.
We manufacture enclosures using Sheet steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Weld mesh and Polycarbonate.
All our enclosures are fully HSE compliant, quality assured to ISO 9001 and come with a certificate of conformity.


Machine Tool Enclosures

Machine Guard Experts

Sponmech Safety Systems Ltd have the capacity and experience to deliver very large projects, with access to a full in house CAD Design Facility and technical machinery including CNC punch presses, CNC press brakes and CNC guillotines all on site. Sponmech work with a range of materials from Stainless Steel to Polycarbonate. Most of our products are powder coat finished at our on-site paint unit. 

All sponmech engineers are accredited, safety trained and all carry national safety passports. Sponmech are a quality registered company with a quality management system for "the design, manufacture and installation of acoustic and non acoustic machinery safety guards (including aluminium guards) to BS EN ISO 9001:2008." UKAS NQA certificate No 9968.

Machine Guard Experts

Tool Room Guards

Classic Tool Room Guards

Traditional standard guards. All guards are efficient, operator friendly and offer full safety protection for your machine. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are happy to quote installation costs and provide risk assessments on your machines.

Models Available 

  • MTS Drill Guard
  • HTS Drill Guard
  • MT Drill Guard
  • Enclosure Mill Guard EM/1
  • Enclosure Mill Guard EM/3
  • Enclosure Mill Guard EM3/T


Tool Room Guards

Sanding Belt Holders for Lathes

~ NEW Product 2016 - a safer solution to the use of emery cloth on metalworking lathes ~

Available in three sizes; Model MST-SBH1.0,  Model MST-SBH2.0 and Model MST-SBH4.0.

The sanding belt replaces the need for the operator to use emery cloths that have proven to be very dangerous and illegal. 

It is never acceptable to apply emery cloth directly by hand on a rotating CNC or manual metal working machine.

Holding strips of emery cloth wrapped around a rotating component is dangerous practice and may result in serious injury or even death.

The SBH sanding belt holder is clamped into the tool holder and the operator uses the lathe crosslide to apply pressue onto the product. This very timely device is brand newonto the safety market in the UK and replaces the unsafe practice of manual sanding on conventional lathes. 

The particular shape of the device and the tension springs allow to sand bars of different diameters. In order to keep always efficient the abrasive side, the belt can be rotated by means of the specific crank. Available in three different sizes.

Price and Availability

POA. Please email: sales@sponmech.co.uk or call us on 0121 585 8730


Sanding Belt Holders conform to:

ISO 23125 6.2.1 (Prohibition to use hands for the execution of works).

Sanding Belt Holders for Lathes

Sponmech Safety Systems Ltd Overview