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We are a manufacturer of industrial process machinery and offer a range of high quality engineering solutions for industrial drying, proving, curing, baking, cooling, and air pollution control applications.

As a manufacturer of industrial process machinery, we provide global markets including paper, metals, food, converting and environmental with high standard machinery such as industrial ovens, air turns, stabilisers, oxidisers, and coolers.

Industrial Ovens

We can bespoke design a variety of industrial ovens including baking ovens, coil coating ovens, air flotation ovens, and air impingement ovens. Industrial ovens can be used for various applications like bakery, steel and converting processes.

The key features and benefits of our industrial ovens are:

  • Custom design to meet specific process requirements
  • Direct or indirect heating
  • High energy efficiency
  • High performance and even air distribution
  • Ease of access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Low maintenance requirements
Industrial Ovens

Industrial Dryers

Our industrial dryers can be used as snack food and cereal dryers or impingement dryers for paper. Whatever the application however, they offer high performance, energy efficiency and innovative design.

Our extensive experience in this area has meant we have developed advanced industrial dryers with web speeds in excess of 3,000m/min. Our design teams are focused on providing in-house test facilities and ensure our industrial dryers meet the demands of any industry and application.

Industrial Dryers

Food Coolers

Our food coolers provide efficient cooling for confectionary and cereal based products, a vital element of the food processing industry. Food coolers use chilled or ambient air to achieve the right product exit temperature.

Our range of food coolers are designed to suit a diversity of product and plant and include tunnel coolers, rack coolers and web coolers available for use with metal, paper, film, or foil substrates. The benefits of this type of cooler are:

  • High cooling rates
  • Air pressure pads “clamp” the web and restrict vibration
  • Non contact operation
  • Improved coat weight control and product quality
  • Eliminates contact rolls

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Food Coolers

Spooner Provers

Spooner provers have an integrated Sponner airflow system to ensure consistent temperature, humidity and airflow. The humidity and heating generation method within Spooner provers are tailored to each customer and can include steam heaters, gas burners and steam injection.

Spooner provers suit a wide range of product and plant layout including box type, 'L' type, 'T' type, and tunnel type. They can also be manufactured with loaders and un-loaders if needed and either double or single swings.

Spooner Provers


For over 30 years we have been developing new technologies to control harmful and help regulate volatile organic components, nitrogen oxides, air pollutants, and process odours. Our advances in this area have benefited a wide variety of industries like coating, chemical, energy recovery, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and laminating.

The technologies we now offer include Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers, Catalytic Oxidisers, Rotor Concentrator Oxidisers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers, and Direct Heat Oxidisers.


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Air Turn And Stabilisers

We have successfully installed over 300 units, air turn and stabilisers across the world. The Air Turn was manufactured by us in 1983 to offer non-contact turning of coated or sized webs.

Our air turn and stabilisers use our flotation technology in order to improve drying or cooling though enhanced web stability. We have also designed advanced flotation nozzles to remove the wrinkles from paper. These nozzles can also be incorporated into a full range of flotation dryers.

Air Turn And Stabilisers
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