Spotlight Dance


We offer dance classes to boys and girls ages 3 and up in the York area. We cover many different styles from tap, street, ballet, freestyle jazz and Musical Theatre. Annual shows, exmas and many other performing oppurtunities we give every child the chance to shine.

Ballet Classes

Ballet is the study of classical dance and is often the basis of many other styles. This style of dance gives you the classical training needed to become a dancer, teaching not only technique but the disipline of dance.
Spotlight offer ballet classes from ages 3 and up, starting at 3 with simple movement and prgressing into more complex dance steps. Pupils don't only learn the steps but they gain an understanding of the muscles used to perform them correctly. As Ballet is all in french they also learn the vocabulary and meanings of each step, this way they can put steps together without being shown but just being told.

Street Dance

Street Dance is the dance style taht breaks the rules. Originally formed outside of dance studios, in parks, the streets, school yards, night clubs and every other space there was to dance in! We teach a variety of different styles of routines and sometimes include simple break dance. We finish every class with a Jam where each child gets to show their very own skills!

Freestyle Jazz

Fast turns, high kicks, leaps, pirouettes and energised routines freestyle jazz combines traditional jazz dance with other styles of dance. We focus on flexibility and technique creating a technical dancer who can move freely and stylishly. Spotlights oldest dance team came away with first place in their catagory at Future Cheer Dance Comeptition and we plan to do the same this year!

Tap Class

Tap dance is all about the noise! Creating routines inspired by the greats such as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to more modern routines that focus on the beats like Tap Dogs and Stomp. Every child has a sense of rhythm and that's what we aim to bring out. From clapping and tapping in time to the beat to triple time steps, wings and pick ups everybody can tap! Wheather we're making up silly rhymes to help us remeber steps or counting out the beats it's always fun to tap. (and make a noise!)

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is everything you need to become a triple threat, acting, singing and dancing. We bring out our pupils creative sides with improvised drama and song writing. They get the chance to perform in our many plays and musicals, building confidence and having fun whilst learning the ins and outs of the theatre world.

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