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Our Autoprime contractors pumps are supplied to rental companies, utility companies and contractors. They offer multiple solutions for a range of applications.

We continue to invest in innovative research to ensure our contractors pumps are designed to meet the market's growing demands and legislation. These advancements offer key benefits and open up new possibilities for owners and users.

Q-Series Pumps

Our award winning Q-series pumps have many advantages including an environmental package supported by the latest technologies, sound attenuated canopies and outstanding fuel savings. Q-series pumps have superior performance quality and reliability. They have extra, elongated handling capabilities and enough cost effectiveness to offer excellent return on expenditure.

Q-series pumps also benefit from reduced maintenance and applications suited to these pumps, including mine dewatering, industrial sludge pumping, flood relief, pipe relining, marine ballasting, and tank sediment cleaning.

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

The Hydra ranges of hydraulic submersible pumps cover the largest scope of applicatory use and are available with an array of material options. The full range is the largest selection of hydraulically driven submersible pumps in the world.

Hydraulic submersible pumps are available with a choice of 25 power pack combinations to guarantee excellent performance and accurate matching. The pumps benefit from a variety of pump ends and a diversity of speed drives to help fuel savings. They use biodegradable oil and pump ends and can be bolted inline to accommodate booster pumps. They are easily operated and can be used in hazardous environments without any electrical risk.

High Flow Pumps

High flow pumps have optimum flow capacities combined with higher head features to ensure greater versatility on numerous applications. High flow pumps have a double spine vane impeller to give outstanding suction lift with solids up to 110mm in diameter.

Our high flow pumps can be used for ground water control, pipe relining, sewage over-pumping, flood relief, emergency service pumping, and industrial sludge pumping.

Medium Head Open Set Pumps

Our medium head open set pumps enable customers to choose a cost effective package with the level of technology suited to the application. They have a series of optional technologies including higher head capabilities, pump sizes and elongated solids handling facilities.

Medium head open set pumps can be used in emergency pumping services, sewage over pumping, ground water control, flood relief, and marine ballasting.

High Head Pumps

Our range of high head pumps includes five models with a q-series style acoustic unit and with head capabilities up to 200m. High head pumps are supplied with either electrical SPP pumps SmartPrime or mechanical priming.

High head pumps offer a range of solutions for applications in ground water control, mine dewatering, flood relief, tank sediment cleaning, and pipe relining.

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