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We are the world's leading provider of fire protection pumps and fire protection packages and have a wealth of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of these products to ensure optimum reliability.

Our fire protection pumps comply with all LPCB, FM and UL requirements and meet all the guidelines set down in NFPA 20. Our air protection pumps are in place in a diverse range of major airports and gas and oil environments. We have also supplied our pumps to a selection of highly prestigious buildings across the world.

Split Case Pumps

We understand when it comes to designing and manufacturing life-saving equipment, compromise is not an option. Compromise with fire protection equipment could mean the difference between life and death. By selecting the correct fire pumps, you can be assured you have gained ultimate security and safety.

We supply split case pumps for a diverse range of industry markets and are in use in school, colleges, pharmaceutical facilities and hospitals. The types of application split case pumps are suited to include water curtains, sprinkler systems, monitor systems, hydrant systems, and deluge systems.

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Our vertical turbine pumps are approved for fire protection use by FM Approvals and Underwriter Laboratories. They are in full compliance with NFPA 20.

Our vertical turbine pumps are provided for challenging environments such as offshore oil and gas installations and provide fire protection when water source is located below ground or deck level. Vertical turbine pumps are driven by vertical electric motors and diesel engines. They can be installed for a range of applications and are in use in office buildings, power stations and hospitals.

End Suction Fire Pumps

Our end suction fire pumps can be found in buildings across the world and are utilised to optimum performance in colleges, manufacturing facilities and airports. End suction fire pumps can be used in sprinkler systems and hydrant systems as well as monitor and deluge systems.

Our ranges of pumps are designed specifically for fire protection so they are completed to the very highest standard and are approved by the majority of global fire protection bodies.

In Line Fire Pumps

Our in line fire pumps are compact and lightweight to enable them to be used in smaller pump room facilities. They replace the need for coupling alignment. They have fewer parts therefore the chance of parts being lost is greatly reduced.

Our in line fire pumps can also be provided as part of pre-wired packages to be mounted on a steel fabricated base with a motor wired to the controller. We also have additional piping, valves and sensing lines available and packages include jockey pumps and controllers.

Multi Stage Pumps

Multi stage pumps are suitable for a range of installations in hotels, hospitals and offices. They have many benefits including the need for fewer pumps and less pipework and valves.

Multi stage pumps also benefit from not needing water storage tanks on intermediate floors. They are LPC approved. They also have a lower structural load and better utilise the space available in buildings, making options like selling and renting a possibility.

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