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We develop, design and manufacture onshore and offshore pumps in accordance to many regulations and specifications. Since 1970, when we provided pumps to deliver oil from North Sea, our reputation has grown and we now supply our quality onshore and offshore pumps to challenging environments across the world.

Our pumps have been used in solutions for the international oil companies from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe and over 450 pumps have been installed worldwide.

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Our horizontal split case pumps have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the oil, gas and process industry sectors. They are reliable and durable with a wealth of benefits, enabling them to be used in arduous applications and challenging environments.

Horizontal split case pumps can be utilised in main fire pumps, firewater jocket pumps, booster pumps, and seawater intake. They can also be used for applications including cooling water and seawater lifts.

Vertical Lineshaft Pumps

Vertical lineshaft pumps are tailored pieces of engineering for single and multi-stage vertical turbines used in the gas and oil industry. Vertical lineshaft pumps are surface mounted and powered by electric or diesel drivers.

Vertical lineshaft pumps can be used as part of cargo handling applications and firewater jockey pumps. They are available in an expansive range of designs and drives to suit a diversity of applications and can offer cost-efficient solutions for oil industry needs.

Electro Submersible Pumps

Our electro submersible pumps have pumps and motors located below sea level in a caisson. The diesel generator is placed, where space allows, on the platform. Electro submersible pumps are ideal for applications where space is an issue and reduce the need to use traditional platform mounted pumps.

These pumps can be integrated into existing platform supplies or individual generator drives. Electro submersible pumps benefit from being simple to install and maintain so they help to keep costs down.

Special Environmental Conditions

Our pumps are designed to withstand a range of special environmental conditions and cope with the diversity of environments you find across the world.

The special environmental conditions we take into consideration when developing equipment includes hazardous areas, fire risks, noise limitations and the need for minimal installation.

Offshore Pumps Service

Our offshore pumps service include our world travelling field service engineers who chart the globe providing technical support and advice on our range of pumps products. We are highly qualified in health and safety aspects and have a wealth of expertise when it comes to working on offshore projects for the gas and oil industry.

Our offshore pumps service includes installing, commissioning and testing. Our engineers can be mobilised in a few hours to provide an exceptional level of customer service and support.

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