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Our pump maintenance and servicing has a reputation for outstanding customer support and commitment. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and have nurtured our reputation by offering rapid and cost-efficient services tailored to maintenance needs. Pump maintenance and servicing is also carried out with the high level of standards and craftsmanship our customers have grown to expect from us.

Our maintenance service covers a variety of jobs including pumps, valves, diesel generators, compressors, heat exchangers, electric motors, and electrical control panels.

Fixed Fire Protection Equipment

Our fixed fire protection equipment could reduce the risk of customer disruption, health and safety intervention, investigations, and loss of life caused by inadequate fire protection.

Our range of fixed fire protection equipment includes a diversity of packages in accordance with listed approvals. Our packages can be supplied either on a six or twelve month contract, covering all electric and diesel driven fire pumps.

Pump Valve Repair And Refurbishment

We specialise in pump valve repair and refurbishment and supply a range of services covering a variety of valves and sizes. We refurbish valves to the highest standards with minimum time scales and customer down time.

Our pump valve repair and refurbishment services have qualified technicians experienced in field and service centres. We can also repair and refurbish valves from manufacturers such as Crosby, Crane, Farris, Shaw, and Descote.

Pump Spare Parts

We recently decided our pump spare parts service needed more focus. So we developed a new stand alone division to ensure we not only offer our pump parts but also provide a larger scope of spare parts including engines, pipework components and gearboxes.

We provide pump spare parts supplied by other companies through our professional network of stockholders, and can guarantee a range of components and parts are readily available. Our new division also develops and tackles questions regarding material upgrades and problem solving challenges.

Crane Spare Parts

If you own pumps from Crane Pumps Ltd, we can provide you with Crane spare parts and service needs. We are a global supplier of parts originally manufactured by Crane. We also offer spare parts from brands such as Mopump, Rhodes and Brydon.

We also have records and test curves for Crane spare parts and are the only pump supplier who can provide customer's with genuine Crane spares accurate to initial specification.

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