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Here at SPP Pumps, we specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality transformer oil pumps. For over six decades we have been producing transformer oil pumps suitable for applications including oil circulation in power transmission, distribution and electric traction locomotive transformers. Our transformer oil pumps are robust, waterproof, easily mounted and coupled, have no glad leakage and require no lubrication.

Transformer Oil Pumps Assembly and Testing

We provide transformer oil pumps assembly and testing in atmospherically controlled areas to ensure clean and constant conditions. All parts are fully cleaned in ultrasonic baths before assembly and are fully tested before dispatch. Our transformer oil pumps assembly and testing ranges from individual pumps to full pump management of entire fleets.

Traction Transformer Oil Pumps

We provide traction transformer oil pumps suitable for use on most types of electric trains worldwide. The traction transformer oil pumps are designed to increase the efficiency of the transformers and converter. Our traction transformer oil pumps are manufactured from high grade cast aluminium to ensure a long and trouble free operational life.

Transformer Oil In-line Pumps

Our transformer oil in-line pumps have built-in pump/motor elements in the same frame. Our transformer oil in-line pumps are weatherproof and have been designed for outdoor use. They are compact to save space and allow horizontal or vertical mounting. We have developed transformer oil in-line pumps for close positioning of supporting bearings. The in-line design will meet specific customer duty requirements.

Transformer Oil End Suction Pumps

Our innovative transformer oil end suction pumps and driving motors are assembled as a unit on a common shaft. The transformer oil end suction pumps circulate the oil through the windings thus eliminating any shaft seal and avoiding the danger of oil leakage or entry of air. Our transformer oil end suction pumps are suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting with a variety of branch positions on end suction and side outlet.

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