Our comprehensive range of ECONOSPRAY spot sprayers will provide the solution to your requirements.

Our spot sprayers are available in 55, 95 and 150 litre capacities. They are easy to use and can be mounted on a wide variety of platforms. Each of our spot sprayers comes with a 4 metre long hose, quality lance and adjustable cone.

Our spot sprayers are powered by a 12-volt DC pump with an waterproof on/off switch. The valves are corrosion and chemical resistant and come with an automatic cut-off when not in use. 

Spray Booms

Our spray booms are ideal in making your sprayer more useful.

Our spray booms product line include the following:

  • 3m folding spray boom
  • 4m folding spray boom
  • DIY nozzle kit
  • Econoboom
  • Econoboom with deluxe fixing kit
  • Our X boom
Spray Booms

12 Volt Spray Pumps

Our 12 volt spray pumps are resistant to chemicals and use Viton and Santoprene to increase their lifespan. They have on-demand switches and reduce pump wear by shutting the pump down when not in use.

We have a selection of 12 volt spray pumps. Our 12 volt spray pumps have flow rates starting from 3.7 litres a minute to rates of over 20 litres a minute.

12 Volt Spray Pumps

Powder Applicators

We can supply powder applicators designed for use with powders and dust granules.

Our range of powder applicators includes Econoduster, Electric Dust R, Hand Duster, Mist/Powder Blower and Polmax Duster.

Powder Applicators

Centrifugal Pumps

We can supply centrifugal pumps that are ideal for a range of applications. Our centrifugal pumps have maximum flow rates up to 1385 Lpm and maximum pressures up to 12 bar. You can choose from non priming and self priming and they have input speeds from 540 - 6000 Rpm. The centrifugal pumps are also pedestal and flange mounted, as well as hydraulic motor driven. The engines are petrol and diesel driven.

Our products are perfect for:

  • Dewatering and irrigation
  • Agricultural crop sprayers
  • Water and chemical transfer
  • Dust suppression systems
Centrifugal Pumps

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