Spunalloys Ltd (a division of Westley Group)


Spunalloys is the UK's leading producer of ferrous and non-ferrous centrifugal castings in heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys. Vertical centrifugal casting techniques are used for components up to 2750mm outside diameter while horizontal centrifugal castings techniques are used for components up to 5000mm long.

Customers choose centrifugal castings manufactured by Spunalloys due to their high-integrity and close grain structure.


Centrifugally Cast Rings

Spunalloys manufactures rings, tubes, and bushes in all copper, iron, nickel and aluminium-based materials.

Materials include all long and short freezing range copper based alloys such as nickel aluminium bronze, phosphor bronze, gunmetal and brass, and all nickel and iron based alloys such as stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, ZERON®, monel and spheroidal graphite iron.

Rings, tubes, and bushes are produced for many different applications and industries such as flow control hardware, food processing presses and rolls, gear wheels and worm gears for onshore and offshore oil & gas application, aerospace sealing rings, mining and earth moving equipment, marine & naval propulsion and sealing equipment, pump products, centrifugal iron liners for the compressor industry, and critical safety equipment for the nuclear industry. We offer complete flexibility of batch sizes from 1 off through to thousands off. Customers can also take advantage of our quick turn-around of parts where costly down-time can be kept to a minimum.

As standard, parts are proof machined in our large proof machine shop (to within 3mm of your finish sizes). Our on-site Finish Machine Shop enables us to manage the entire process from casting to finish machining and assembly.


Naval Shaft Liners

Spunalloys supports many of the world’s navies with the provision of equipment for surface and subsurface propulsion systems.

Naval shaft liners are traditionally very long in length and require a heavy poured weight, so their successful supply requires all of Spunalloys’ experience and infrastructure. Naval shaft liners can be supplied in various anti-seawater corrosion resistant alloys such as gunmetal, tin and phosphor bronze, nickel aluminium bronze and Inconel. Spunalloys has in-house machining capabilities enabling liners to be supplied either proof or finish machined. Finish machining of these items is generally carried out in the bore, but ‘split’ liners can also be provided proof or finish machined as required.

Spunalloys has developed unique and proprietorial solutions to meet the stringent acceptance criteria demanded by naval shaft liners. Spunalloys carries approvals for many major 1st and 2nd tier organisations including UK MOD Approval to manufacture DEF STAN 02-830 (LG4) shaft liners, in accordance with DEF STAN 02-304 part 1.


Bearing Ship Sets

Spunalloys supplies finish machined, assembled, pressure tested and third party witnessed water lubricated bearings for marine applications around the globe.

Bearing ship sets are supplied in various sizes and corrosion resistant alloys. Spunalloys produces centrifugally cast tubes to exacting standards. In partnership with our customers, they are finish machined prior to in-house assembly with the fitting of finish machined composite inserts. These assemblies and other services offered require an amalgamation of project management and technical expertise. This can be applied to any customer requirement to provide an engineering solution service to all our clients.


Column Pipes & Rising Mains

The full integration of centrifugal casting, sand casting, machining, and fabrication enables Spunalloys to specialise in these bespoke and highly engineered assemblies for the offshore industry.

Column pipes are routinely finish-machined, assembled, third party inspected and tested for onward shipment to the customer’s client. Castings and fabrications are fully traceable to individual heat number cast, and certified to customer requirements.

Spunalloys has supplied column pipes in copper based and steel alloys to the pump industry world-wide for over 25 years. Literally thousands of column pipes and riser main assemblies have been supplied to pump makers in Europe, the USA, India and Australia and installed all over the world.


Seal Components

Spunalloys supplies seal components to the marine and hydro-electric industries in all heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.

Spunalloys manufactures centrifugally cast seal components, while sand cast items are manufactured by J.T. Price & Westleys

Seals are produced for the propulsion systems of commercial-type vessels in all copper-based alloys (predominantly nickel aluminium bronze, gunmetal, tin bronze, and phosphor bronze). However, they are also produced for stringent naval applications across Asian, European and American Navies in all major NES specifications (including NES 824).

Sizes vary from 250 mm OD to approx 2250 mm OD with varying lengths and wall thicknesses. Seals are produced from small to large batch sizes and are supplied proof machined or finish machined.


Safety Critical Equipment - Marine

Spunalloys has a long history of supplying defence standard safety-critical components to the world’s navies.

Spunalloys has supplied centrifugally cast, assembled and pressure tested safety critical equipment to a number of the World’s navies. The components supplied have been in a variety of copper and nickel based alloys and have supported structural, nuclear, and propulsion requirements of build programs. Spunalloys is a partner of choice because we offer a complete supply solution of finish machined, assembled, pressure tested and witnessed hardware whilst working in close partnership with the likes of UK Ministry of Defence, BAE Systems and their first tier supply chain.


Engine Trim - Aerospace

Spunalloys holds manufacturing approvals from many aerospace OEMs including Rolls Royce and Agusta Westland.

Centrifugally cast and finish machined high grade iron sealing rings are supplied for aerospace engines, as well as proof machined phosphor bronze gear rims for helicopter parts. These components are subject to rigorous testing and traceability checks. Spunalloys can produce to international standard alloy specifications or to specific manufacturer alloy specifications. We can supply the components in the proof or finish machined condition.


Special Shapes

Whether flanged, stepped, tapered or elliptical, Spunalloys can supply centrifugal castings to suit.

One of our specialties is the production of net shape ‘balls’ for ball valves in all heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys. Products of this type are supplied proof-machined or finish-machined. Dies can be shaped to suit the specific component to achieve near net-shape castings, while permanent dies can be temporarily modified using ceramic cores to achieve very intricate, near-net-shape centrifugal castings.

Spunalloys’ bespoke centrifugal manufacturing system has been designed in tandem with our technical sales team and uses complex algorithms to seek out the ideal production set-up for the most complex of shapes. The system searches through our vast range of straight, flanged and tapered dies to ensure the most effective casting solution for your business.


Finish Machining & Assembly

Westley Group’s Finish Machine Shop offers a complete fitting and assembly service for all types of product.

Our Finish Machine shop is located on the Spunalloys site in the West Midlands and satisfies the need for a ‘complete bought-in solution’. Spunalloys is able to offer and manage the finish machining, assembly and testing of its components where required.

Our machine shop has very flexible and large machinery for large-scale turning and milling, suitable for bespoke projects and requirements. The machine shop also provides CNC turning and milling for higher volume requirements. Flexible and large-scale drilling and slotting is also available. Pressure testing and witness testing is managed though this facility. Many of our customers now choose Spunalloys to manage the complete assembly of their product lines.

Examples of assembly projects:

  • Ship Set Assemblies – Manufacture sand and centrifugal ship set assemblies which are all cast and machined in-house prior to being lined with our customers’ proprietorial material.
  • Header Assemblies – Manufacture sand and centrifugal assemblies for the condensing and cooling system of naval nuclear reactors.
  • Column Pipe Assemblies/Water Lubricated Bearings – 25 years experience in supplying centrifugally cast column pipe assemblies to our global customer base. One off or volume assembly items are cast by Spunalloys, then finish machined, fabricated and assembled at Westley Machine Shop. Sand cast spiders are also cast by J. T. Price and assembled on site.
  • Ring and Seal Assemblies – Manufacture and assemble ring and seal assemblies for the hydro power industry.


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