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SRS have been enclosures experts for more than 30 years.

We supply Subrack and enclosure products to the electronics industry worldwide, in kit or fully assembled form.

All designs and materials conform to national and international standards, with full traceability within an ISO 9001 accredited environment.

SRS can take your initial requirements, and design and manufacture a solution covering all aspects from component design to production and finishing. Our design team have the benefit of over 30 years experience when it comes to finding the best solution for you.

Some of our products are as follows:

  • Aluminium Enclosures
  • EMC Enclosures
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Customised Enclosures
  • Subracks
  • Cased Sub rack
  • Chassis
  • Cases
  • Cabinets

From design to production

SRS Products will work on Design Projects from the "Market Information", through Conceptual Design, Prototyping, Engineering, Productionisation and Tooling, including any specification testing and acceptance by Recognised Approval Authorities.

  • ISO 9001 accreditation
  • Information exchange using DXF, CAD / CAM Link
  • Rapid Design to Prototype to Production
  • Experience in EMC, Thermal, Shock and Vibration
  • Established Partnerships; Power supply, Backplane, Cabling, Testing

A wide range of products

SRS offer an extensive range of Subracks, Case Frames, Desk Top Cases, Wall Mount Enclosures, Floor Standing Towers and Floor Standing Cabinets along with a range of accessories with a high degree of compatibility across the range. The basic modular design within each product means we can deliver a quality product at a competitive price with a fast response.

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To meet demand in durability, we offer a fully anodised system, EURORACK which with the durable surface finish can be used in most hostile environmental conditions . For EMC applications, VERSIRAK having a conductive surface finish is designed to be used for applications where RFI Screening is required. Both systems have a full range of accessories compatible with both versions.

Cased Sub Rack

Where the sub rack has a dual role of both rack mount and desk top, we offer NETCASE. This system allows the basic case to be fitted with a range of sub rack components so that the finished unit has a stylish presentation.


A Range of EMC and Non EMC Chassis systems are available . These include, 1U Eurocard Chassis to accept Eurocards horizontally, 1U Chassis to accept base mounted motherboard and 1U - 6U Chassis system to accept base mounted motherboard and or other components .


For housing rack mount equipment up to 21U in height, CUBIC is available as a Desk Top, Wall Mount and Floor Standing Tower system. The modular construction means that the range of enclosure styles can be used in a variety of applications whilst maintaining a modern and stylish appearance. The range of accessories means that any version can be fitted with glass or solid doors, castors, static feet, shelves, chassis supports, cable entry / management, fan trays and many other add-ons that enable the basic enclosure to be adapted for a specific application.


Floor mount cabinets 21U up to 45U can be supplied in 2 construction types, Cannon system having a steel welded main frame and the Miracel system being an aluminium main frame both systems having steel panelling, doors and covers. Versions for environmental performance specifications such as IP and EMC can be supplied as standard whilst the range of accessories are compatible through each type. These include, doors, solid and glass, shelves, chassis supports, fan trays, castors, cable management, thermal management and many more.

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