SSC Laser Cutting (HQ)


SSC Laser Cutting is a company that is at the cutting edge of laser cutting technology. We use the latest laser profiling, CAD and scanning services.

Investing in the future and state-of-the-art laser technology means we can be extremely precise in regards to our laser cutting services.

We can provide the following laser cutting services:

  • Laser profiling both tube and box section
  • Laser profiling flatbed
  • Press braking
  • CAD services

We are a unique one-stop shop for laser cutting and cover materials such as aluminium, brass, mild steel and stainless steel. Our laser cutting machinery can accommodate sheets up to 3,000mm long by 1,500mm wide and up to 25mm thick.

Contact our laser cutting team to find out how we could save you time and money.

Tube Laser Cutting

As part of our laser cutting service we can offer tube laser cutting and box section laser cutting that will more than meet your expectations.

Our tube laser cutting service handles tubes with a diameter up to 200mm and we can make parts up to 8.5m long. Our tube laser cutting has the ability to cut all kinds of sections including:

  • Circular section
  • Box section
  • Angled section
  • Channel section
  • Flat section
  • Irregular section
Tube Laser Cutting

Laser Profiling

We have a flatbed laser profiling machine that can handle plates up to 3,000mm long by 1500mm wide and with thicknesses up to 25mm.

Laser profiling can be used on a wide range of products including mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Our Byspeed laser profiling machine can punch 10 holes a second on a mild steel sheet of 2mm thickness.

Laser Profiling


Our press-braking service uses a 100 tonne and 80 tonne CNC press brakes to cut down on the amount of suppliers in the process.

The press-braking is all done in our facility.


Laser Scanning

Our laser scanning service is available to measure the dimensions of 2D components. The laser scanning scans the sample of the part and produces an electronic drawing ready for manufacture and future use.

Our laser scanning service can also be used in the quality inspection for 2D components.

Laser Scanning

CAD Service

We have a complete CAD service available to meet all your CAD service requirements.

Our CAD service is performed in-house and is available for initial design and alterations right through to the design of your components.

CAD Service

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