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Here at St James Pastry Ltd, we are specialists in making ethnic pastry including fillo (kunafa) and kataifi (kadayif) pastry.

We specialise in both Greek and Lebanese fillo (kunafa) pastry as well as strudel pastry and samosa pastry.

With over 20 years experience and state of the art machinery, we can manufacture a pastry to suit your needs. Our pastry is available in both retail and catering packs under our 'THEOS' brand, both fresh and frozen.

If you would like to know more about our fillo (kunafa) and kataifi (kadayif) pastry, then please contact us and we can help meet your requirements.

Angel Hair Pastry

St. James Pastry Ltd is the UK's only mass manufacturer of Angel Hair pastry, which is known as shredded pastry.

Angel Hair pastry is used for delicate sweet and savoury pastry work. Please contact us to find out more about Angel Hair pastry and what you can do with it as a pastry product.

Angel Hair Pastry
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