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Stacarac (UK) Ltd has a range of aluminium shelving. Their aluminium shelving is strong and easy to clean. They are easily assembled and dismantled as no tools are required.

Stacarac (UK) Ltd can supply their aluminium shelving as standard or to individual customer specifications. The open lattice design of the shelving allows for constant airflow.  

Plastic Shelving

Their plastic shelving is strong, lightweight, extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Stacarac (UK) Ltd can supply their plastic shelving in a whole host of different colours.

 Their plastic shelving can be made to measure or supplied in standard sizes. Stacarac (UK) Ltd can also offer plastic shelving with anti-bacterial properties.  

Plastic Shelving

Cloakroom Equipment

Stacarac (UK) Ltd has a wide selection of cloakroom equipment, including a range of locker room benches, coat benches and all racks. They can supply their cloakroom equipment in various different colours.

Their cloakroom equipment is strong, chemical resistant and very easy to clean. They will soon have a range of cloakroom equipment with anti-bacterial properties.

Stacarac (UK) Ltd also offers their cloakroom equipment in junior sizes.

Cloakroom Equipment

Static & Mobile Pallets

Stacarac (UK) Ltd has a wide selection of static & mobile pallets.

Their static & mobile pallets can be made to measure in plastic or aluminium.


Stacarac (UK) Ltd has a comprehensive selection of dollies. The standard size of their dollies is 600 x 400.

Their dollies are available in plastic or aluminium.

Container Trolleys

Stacarac (UK) Ltd has a wide range of container trolleys in plastic and aluminium. Their container trolleys are designed to accommodate most standard container sizes.

Stacarac (UK) Ltd can produce standard and non standard sizes of container trolleys.

Container Trolleys

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