Stainless Restoration Ltd (Manchester)


We provide an extensive range of blast cleaning services including shot blasting for stainless steel and steel fabrication manufacturers.

Our innovative blasting equipment can clean black and stainless steel ensuring no cross contamination. Our facilities are able to cope with high volume components and operate with fast turnaround times.

The advantages of blasting cleaning like shot blasting include better fatigue resistance, improved surface hardness and an increased scratch resistance, and enhanced stress corrosion cracking resistance.


We provide electropolishing for the manufacturing and steel fabrication sectors. Our service is suitable for a range of market areas and is ideal for small casting and component manufacturers and fabrications for the food sector. Our electropolishing is also suited for more complex items such as vessels for the pharmaceutical market.

Electropolishing consists of a direct current of electricity to item immersed in electrolyte solution. The metal is removed leaving behind a smooth surface for optimum corrosion resistance and achieved without affecting the quality of the treated material.

The advantages of electropolishing include a pleasing aesthetic, chemical passivity, reduction in roughness, less micro cracks and reduced bacterial growth.


Stainless Restoration Ltd

Stainless Restoration was established in 1999 and we have considerable experience in the field of metal finishing including chemical cleaning, bead blasting, mechanical polishing, and electropolishing.

Stainless Restoration Ltd has a strong working relationship with Avesta Finishing Chemicals UK and manufacturing division for chemicals in Malmo, Sweden. Stainless Restoration Ltd provides full technical services on all aspects of chemical cleaning of stainless steels.

Stainless Restoration Ltd


Our products include SRL ENERJEX range of chemicals and are supported with documentation packs including MSD sheets, ADS sheets and full technical support from Techical-desk.

We are the UK marketing and distribution company for the Avesta Finishing Chemicals range of products. These products are manufactured in Sweden and shipped to our factory.

In addition to this, we manufacture our own range of products to meet the demand for cost efficient alternatives. Our products benefit from our years of industry experience and used in our own factories and on site. They are then distributed across the UK delivered to end-user markets and appointed distribution agents.



Our services are suited for a wide selection of industry areas using stainless steel and include pharmaceutical, manufacturing and engineering. Our services are offered both on-site and in-house at our site in Greater Manchester. 

Our services include:

  • Pickling and Passivation (In-House and On-Site)
  •  Electropolishing
  •  Site Services
  •  Chemical Sales
  •  Mechanical Polishing 
  •  Bead Blasting
  •  Pharmaceutical - Swab Cleaning
  •  Pharmaceutical - General Cleaning
  •  Masonry Cleaning
  •  Road Tanker Cleaning
  •  Technical Library / Trouble Shooting

Health and Safety

When dealing with or handling chemical products, great care should be taken to protect both the operator and those around them. It is essential all data sheets and health and safety sheets are read and complied with.

Avesta Finishing Chemicals have issued a general guidance note for the health and safety use of their chemical products. They also include a leaflet on personal protection equipment.

Health and Safety

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