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We supply JEC pumps, specialising in hygienic pump designs for application in sanitary processes. They design hygienic pump seals to positively contribute to your company's processes and help reduce downtime and provide faster maintenance on pumps and systems.

Hygienic pump seals enable JEC pumps to be used in hygienic processes within dairies, food, soft drinks, brewery, water treatment, and pharmaceutical industries.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Stainless steel pumps have over 30 years experience in distributing a wealth of hygienic fluid handling equipment.

Our stainless steel products include:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Mixers and agitators
  • Flexible hoses
  • Homogenisers
  • Pipe line fittings
  • Accessories including gauges and flow meters.

As an independent supplier, we can choose from a diversity of manufacturers and offer the best solution for the application. Our suppliers include JEC, APV, Alfa Laval, Ibex & SSP, Inoxpa, Candigra, and Wright Flow Technologies.

We can supply:

  • Rotary lobe pumps
  • Hygienic centrifugal pumps
  • Liquid ring pumps
  • Air operated pumps
  • Gear pumps
  • Hygienic valves
Stainless Steel Pumps

Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pumps

Our hygienic rotary lobe pumps are designed and certified in accordance with EHEDG, 3A and FDA standards and manufactured from 316L stainless steel.

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are manufactured with:

  • Crevice free internal contact area
  • Front loading mechanical seals
  • Bi wing rotors as standard with other forms optional including tri lobe
  • Fully cleanable in place (CIP) and Sterileable in place. (SIP)
  • Shaft seals matched to each application
  • Port sizes from 1" to 6"

Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps

Our hygienic centrifugal pumps are highly efficiency with low power consumption and manufactured with a fully hygienic design and CIPable, Certified to EHEDG, 3A and FDA.

Hygienic centrifugal pumps benefit from:

  • Low noise
  • Easy maintenance
  • One size mechanical seal throughout the range
  • Single and double mechanical seal options available, with seal face and elastomer options to suit most applications
  • Flowrates to 100,000 litre / hour
  • Discharge heads to 8 bar
  • IEC standard motors for increased flexibility
Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps

Hygienic Liquid Ring Pumps

Hygienic liquid ring pumps are highly efficient and suitable with liquids with high air content making it ideal as a CIP return pump. They have low power consumption, low noise levels and minimal maintenance.

Hygienic liquid ring pumps also benefit from:

  • Maximum pressures to 4.0 bar
  • Maximum capacities to 50,000 litres per hour
  • IEC motors for increased flexibility
  • Most end connections available to suit including - RJT, IDF, clamp, SMS, DIN 11851, BSP, and flanges
  • The typical industries these pumps serve include food, dairy, brewery and soft drinks, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care. 
Hygienic Liquid Ring Pumps

Road Tanker Pumps

Road tanker pumps are simple to install and maintain, EHEDG and 3A approved and suitable for both high and low viscosity. They are also CIPable and EHEDG certified and are available with close coupled and long coupled versions.

Road tanker pumps benefit from being serviceable from the front without removal of pipe work and they have a balanced mechanical seal with mechanical seals to suit differing duty conditions.

They include and are designed with:

  • Low shear action
  • Mirror finish available to 0.4 RA
  • Maximum pressure 15 bar
  • Maximum capacity 68,000 litre/hour

The types of products the pumps can handle include milk, edible oils, chocolate, sugar syrups, glucose, egg products, chemicals, and solvents.

Road Tanker Pumps

Hygienic Pump Spares

Hygienic pump spares are available for all leading manufactures of hygienic pumps and valves.

Hygienic pump spares include items from APV, Alfa Laval, Johnson UK, Fristam, CSF Inox, ITT Jabsco, Hilge, Inoxpa, Packo, Stork (now JP), Waukesha, Triclover, and Bardiani.

Hygienic Pump Spares

Inoxpa - Pumps, Valves and Agitators

Inopax - pumps, valves and agitators are available with single and flushed mechanical seals, integral pressure relief valves, thermal jackets, and a selection of end connections to suit a range of processes.

Inopax - pumps, valves and agitators include:

  • Inoxpa Prolac (S) and Hyginox (SE) Hygienic centrifugal pumps. Single and double flushed mechanical seals, thermal jackets, special motors.
  • Inoxpa Estampinox pump range, EFI, EFH, EFIR, EFN, ES, manufactured in 316 stainless steel with open impellers. Applications include - general service duties including CIP duties.
  • Inoxpa - Candigra hygienic butterfly valves, available with the following options.
    Seat materials in EPDM, Silicon or Viton.
    End connections- butt weld, RJT, IDF, Clamp, SMS, DIN
    Several handle options
    Pneumatic actuators
    Proximity switches and solenoids
  • 316 stainless steel pressure relief valves with pressures up to 10 bar, end connections in weld, RJT, IDF, clamp, DIN 11851, SMS. Inch and metric sizes available. Also available with hand lever.
  • Mechanical seals for SLR Rotary lobe pumps, Prolac and Hyginox pumps. Several types available including: Single seals, flushed seals, o ring and lip seals, packed gland.
Inoxpa - Pumps, Valves and Agitators

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