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Here at Stainless Steel Ltd, we specialise in the manufacture of high-quality, stainless steel products such as the grip-bar. Our grip-bar is a specially manufactured stainless steel threaded bar used in the civil and geotechnical industries and has many advantages.

Rebar and Dowel Bar

Stainless UK hold large stocks of rebar and dowel bars and we have many varieties of strengths and grades available. Rebar and dowel bars have fantastic corrosion resistance and can reduce damage costs with significance.

Anchor Products

We have two main anchor products we focus on: ground anchors and rock anchors. Anchor products are made from two grades -- practically chosen to enhance their corrosion resistance amongst other beneficial factors.

Metric Studding

We can offer a full diverse range of metric studding, all manufactured to enhance practicality in the industrial environments. The thread rolling designs of metric studding reduces galling and increases strength capabilities.

Pattress Plates

We can provide pattress plates made from stainless steel, mild steel or ductile iron, all mostly in supply for the rail and building industries. Our pattress plates are specifically designed for industrial environments such as for brick arches and masonary.

Stainless Steel Fabrications

We manufacture all of our products to order and have a massive range of stainless steel fabrications to offer from stainless steel brackets and angles to stainless steel handrails, platforms and walkways.

Our stainless steel fabrication production facilities include processes:

  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Cutting
  • Thread Rolling
  • Machining
  • Welding

Stainless Mesh Reinforcement Panel

Stainless mesh reinforcement panels can be a cost-effective solution to carbon steel in corrosive conditions. We provide stainless mesh reinforcement panels for more and more structures in variable sizes and specifications for both engineering and construction applications.

Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting

We have a new water injection plasma cutter to use in manufacturing clean edged steel products. This enables high definition stainless steel plasma cutting technology we can use to meet our client demands. Stainless steel plasma cutting enables us to be able to cut stainless steel plates in higher sizes and thicknesses.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Our variable range of stainless steel fasteners include items from couplers and load nuts to homing caps and lantern spacers. Our stainless steel fasteners have been manufactured to provide equal strength to the threaded bar.

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