Stamixco AG


Production of static mixers for processing polymers, liquids, elutriations and gases.

Stamixco develops and produces a wide range of static mixers (immobile mixers without moving parts) for continuously processing polymers, liquids, gases and elutriations.   Processing highly viscous liquids is our speciality.  Basic operations cover the mixing/blending of materials with similar and large differences in viscosity and mixing volumetric flow rates such as melt flow rates in plastic injection moulding, extrusion and polymer production; continuous polymerisation, plug flow reactors; heating and cooling viscous materials and single-use plastic static mixers for two-component resin systems.  If you feel that our technology or products are suitable for your application, we would be delighted to have our engineers discuss your application and talk to you about a design and a price.  We manufacture both standard ready-to-ship and custom-made static mixers.

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