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Stancold are specialists in the design and installation of hygienic areas, cold rooms and cold stores for chilled distribution centres, as well as industrial specification firewalls and partitions.

Our insulated panel wall and ceiling systems can be used for chill, coldstore, temperature controlled, freezer, food safe and hygiene safe applications within an internal temperature range of -40°C to +120°C.

Mineral Fibre

Fire rated Mineral Fibre Panels are the ideal solution for wall and ceiling applications in hygienic chill and ambient environments where internal temperatures are above 0°C. The panel provides the optimum balance between fire performance, cost and weight. The ideal choice when fire resistance and hygiene are essential.

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Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Panels

Fire rated PIR wall and ceiling panels can be used in all hygienic cold, chill and ambient environments. The panel provides a particularly effective solution in cold environments, where internal temperatures are between 0°C and -40°C, and where fire resistance, excellent thermal insulation and hygiene are essential.

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Polyurethane Insulated Composite Panels

Steel faced polyurethane (PUR) insulated composite panels are designed to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective coldroom construction system. The system comprises of CFC free polyurethane panels normally faced on both sides with a 0.55mm thick galvanised steel sheet whose edges are vertically lipped by 12mm. The panels have tongue and grooved joints and are connected by a strong cam-lock system. Panels can be manufactured in lengths up to 12m and width of 1200mm.

More information on polyurethane insulated panels can be found on our website.

Rapid Roll and Fire Rated Doors

Stancold offer a range of doors of all types, from basic personnel access to Rapid Roll Doors and Fire Rated doors, each individually specified to exactly meet the needs of a particular situation. Temperature Controlled Hygienic Environments also require a wide range of flooring environments.

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