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Standard Industries Limited was established in 1996 as a company specialising in lighting column inspection and approval.

Our core activity is the structural testing and approval of lighting columns, however, we also carry out inspection of high masts,electrical testing , load testing of wall fixings and other support services. See below for a list of our main services or visit our website for further information.

Christmas Lights Installation

Standard Industries provide the whole Christmas lights installation service, including first fix of wall fixings, manufacture and installation of catenary cables and connection to a suitable electrical supply.

All services comply with the County surveyors Society – Code of Practice for the Installation, Operation and Removal of Seasonal Decorations.

Eyebolt Load Testing

In order to ensure that cross street installations are safe, it is necessary to load test all wall fixings.

Our service uses a calibrated loading machine as described in the County Surveyors Society guidance document for the safe installation, operation and removal of festive decorations.

We carry out the complete service including providing our own access platform and traffic management where necessary.

Eyebolt Load Testing

Banners on Lighting Columns

Advertising on lighting columns offers the opportunity to enhance the street scene with colour and movement, whilst at the same time promoting a corporate message.

Standard Industries will first approve the suitability of the lighting column for installation of a banner. The next step is the installation of the banner on the lighting column. Standard industries also offer on-going services for maintenance of the banner once installed on a the lighting column.

Banners on Lighting Columns

Safety Eyebolt Systems

Standard Industries are installers of Rood Safe safety eyebolt systems.

Eyebolts and single point anchors are designed to offer the individual fall protection for window cleaning and general maintenance. Standard Industries offer a range of eyebolts and single point anchors, which can be installed to most building/construction types.

Safety Eyebolt Systems

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