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 STANDARD TECO LIMITED is a professional honeycomb ceramic supplier, that dedicates to the dependent research, development, mould processing and products marketing. During our development, we set our target to pursuit the international advanced enterprise .Through years of constantly innovation and progress,we have formed four series at present,includingHoneycomb ceramic, ceramic substrate, Honeycomb Ceramic Substrates, Diesel Particulate Filter, Catalytic Converter

honeycomb ceramic substrate

Automobile exhaust gases are conventionally purified with a catalyst supported on a ceramic substrate body able to withstand high temperatures. The preferred catalyst support structure is a honeycomb configuration which includes a variety of unobstructed parallel channels sized to through gas flow and bounded by thin ceramic walls. The walls of these channels provide the surface for precious-metal catalysts that convert noxious emissions into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor. We can provide honeycomb ceramic substrate has been coated and non-coated precious-metal.he ceramic substrate is made of cordierite, The cells density can be 100 cpsi, 300 cpsi ,400 cpsi or 600 cpsi. The usual cpsi(Cell Per Square Inch) for catalytic converter substrate is 400, the shape of ceramic substrate is round, racetrack, ellipse and other special shape according to the customer’s requirement.

2.Specification Of Technical Data

Parameters Unit Data
Material: Cordierite wt% ≥90 94
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(20-800°C) cm/cm/ °C ≤1.8×10-6 ≤1.5×10-6
Thermal Stability(20-650°C) times ≥1 3
Soften Temperature °C ≥1420 1440
Compression Strength Lengthways MPa 16 16.9
Horizontal MPa 5 6.2
Specific Weight Kg/L 0.45-0.55 0.45-0.5
Porosity % 40-45 41
Water-absorbing rate % 23-25 23.8


honeycomb ceramic substrate
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