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We have been supplying passenger lifts since 1867 and are the industry's leading provider of all aspects of lifts and elevators.

Our passenger lifts can be designed to suit medium or low rise premises and are installed fit for purpose. Our work conforms to all safety regulations and quality engineered approved. 

Platform Lifts

Our platform lifts are designed and engineered to suit all types of accessibility needs and can be built into your environment for maximum requirement.

Platform lifts also ensure your company or organisation complies with the Equality Act 2010. We supply and install our lifts to the highest quality standard and certify value for money and optimum performance from all your products.

Service and Goods Lifts

We provide a comprehensive range of service and goods lifts including a wide selection of dumb waiters and lifts that can carry loads up to 50kg to 3000kg.

Service and good lifts can be installed quickly and efficiently by us with the least of disruption. We make sure your company and business is quickly up and running. 


Our collection of escalators keeps people moving up and down and right across the UK.

Escalators are designed and manufactured to cover a range of aspects for industrial, commercial and public transport applications.


We also provide a range of walkways and travelators. These can be integrated into designs either horizontally and vertically to create walkways to complement and transform the appearance of your premises and its operations.

We manufacture our walkways and travelators in a variety of different finishes and materials to match the aesthetic of their surroundings. 

Bespoke Lifts

If you are looking for a lift solution or application that is a little different, we provide a bespoke lifts service that could just help. Our heritage and lift experts can design bespoke lifts for any requirement.

Our team work with major clients to provide bespoke lifts that are needed in challenging and extreme environments. We also cater for the unusual lift surface finishes and different capacity requirements. 

Lift Service and Maintenance

We supply an extensive lift service and maintenance service to repair all types of lifts, and not just ones manufactured by us.

We offer a nationwide and local lift service and maintenance carried out by our team of 300 trained engineers. We have 11 service branches. 

Lift Refurbishment

We also provide a full lift refurbishment programme and lift modernisation service. Lifts need regular upgrading if they are to comply with changing legislations and our lift refurbishment service can also supply aesthetic changes, modifications and improve the control systems.

We aim to provide exceptional service and quality at competitive prices so call us today and see what we can do for you.

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