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Welcome to Stannah Microlifts, home to a complete range of dumb waiters (dumbwaiters), larger service lifts and goods lifts carrying from 50kg to 1500kg. All of our lift products, whether a small dumbwaiter or service lift, or a larger goods lift will help you meet the requirements of the Manual Handling Regulations.

At Stannah we pride ourselves on the range and quality of our Dumb Waiters and other service lifts, our highly skilled lift installation engineers and our excellent customer service. This all-round lift expertise has helped us to complete over twenty thousand goods and service lifts installations in sites throughout the UK, supported by our nationwide network of service branches.

The Microlift is Europe’s largest selling range of service lifts with over 60,000 installations worldwide. Operating inside a rapidly erected structure-supported frame the Microlift moves loads from 50 - 150kg and can travel up to 36 metres with up to 12 stops. Low Headroom and Double Decker models ensure there is a Microlift for every application.

The Trolleylift offers reliable and economical solutions to lifting loads of up to 300kg and ideal for floor level loading of awkward loads.

The Goodsmaster is ideal for moving bulky goods, up to 1500kg. The structure-supported lift can be installed virtually anywhere.

Many Stannah goods-only lifts are available ex-stock . Our customer-focused service ensures quality products, excellent technical support and the assurance of our network of after sales care.

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