StanTronic Instruments


We offer an extensive range of test and measurement products which are suitable for a variety of electronic applications including product design, manufacturing, test, QA and service.

The product range includes:

  • Battery Testers
  • Data Loggers
  • Digital Debug Tools
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Electronic Loads
  • Frequency Counters
  • Frequency References
  • Function Generators
  • GPIB Converters
  • Handhelds
  • iPad & iPhone Test Equipment
  • LCR Meters
  • Logic Analyzers
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Pattern Generators
  • Power Meters
  • Power Supplies
  • Programmers
  • PXI / PXIe 
  • Safety Testers
  • Signal Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • SPI and I2C Tools
  • Vector Network Analyzers

iPad / iPhone Test Equipment

This new range of personal instrumentation leverages the easy-to-use interface of the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Using touchscreen-based technology, this technology makes cutting-edge test equipment more intuitive and easy to use. Transform your iPhone, iPad, iPod into a mixed signal oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, or a combined power meter/spectrum analyzer.

1. Two specifications of mixed signal oscilloscopes are available, the iMSO-104 and the iMSO-204.

2. LogiScope is the 16 channel logic analyzer.

3. The 2.49 GHz spectrum analyzer is called WiPry-Spectrum

4. The WiPry-Combo is the combined Power Meter and Spectrum Analyzer.



We distribute a wide range of USB, digital and analogue oscilloscopes to suit all applications.

Oscilloscopes we supply include:

  • GWInstek GDS-1000-U Series, GDS-1000A-U Series, GDS-2000 Series,GDS-2000A Series, GDS-3000 Series and GDS-122 handheld
  • Acute TravelScope Series USB scopes
  • Hantek Handhelds
  • Siglent SHS-1000 Series Handhelds

DSO ranges are from 50MHz up to 350 MHz.

Logic Analyzers

Our range of logic analyzers includes USB units, such as the popular LA1034, as well as benchtop analyzers.

Manufacturers of our logic analysers include:

  • Intronix
  • Acute
  • Leaptronix

PXI & PXI Express

We specialises in high-performance modular equipment for control, test and measurement applications. These applications cover many industries, including electronics & telecom, aerospace & defence, research laboratories, life sciences, etc. The brand is recognised for supplying high-performance and easy-to-use equipment, designed for the most demanding applications where other solutions may fail.

The range of leading technology hardware includes a wide variety I/O interfaces: RF, analog, digital, video, communication buses, time-to-digital converters, chassis with integrated controllers, etc. All products provide advanced off-the-shelf functionalities, reducing development time while boosting final system performance. Programming libraries are provided for virtually all programming language, such as C/C++, Visual Studio (C++, C#, Visual Basic), LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, Java, etc.

On-board FPGA’s enable the user to program in VHDL, Verilog or MATLAB/Simulink. The companies exclusive HVI Technology provides real-time and FPGA-like performance with an intuitive flowchart-style programming environment called ‘ProcessFlow’. 

Bus Debug Tools

We have an impressive range of SPI and I²C Tools from Byte Paradigm and Adcon, including:

  • SPI Storm 100 – 100MHz serial protocol dual/quad SPI host adapter
  • SPI Storm 50 – 50MHz serial protocol dual/quad SPI host adapter
  • SPI Storm 10 – 10MHz serial protocol dual/quad SPI host adapter
  • UDEC1 - Universal Debug Unit - CAN, I²C, SPI, RS422, RS485, RS232, UART

Pattern Generators

We supply the Byte Paradigm and Acute ranges of pattern generators and pattern analyzers. The Acute pattern generators and pattern analyzers have up to 16 channels, 100MHz and 512KB memory per channel.

The Byte Paradigm range offers up to 100 MHz and up to 32 MB Memory:

  • GP-24100
  • GP-24116
  • GP-24132
  • Wave Gen Xpress
  • Wave Gen Express 32

Function Generators

See our range of Picotest and GWInstek Arbitrary Function Generators and Arbitrary Waveform Generators AWG. These Function Generators and Waveform Generators come in ranges from 5MHz to 80 MHz.

We also have available the GWInstek range of DDS Function generators. The SFG-2000 and SFG-2100 Series range from4MHz to 20MHz.

Digital Multimeters

Benchtop multimeters include the Picotest 6 1/2 digit DMM M35 Series, and GWInstek's GDM-8200 Series. Features include dual measurement, dual display, integrated logic analyzers and function generators. 

Frequency Counters

The Picotest U6200 Series offers 400MHz and 6GHz frequency counters.  

Spectrum Analyzers

The GSP-830 and GPS-930 are both highly accurate 3GHz Spectrum Analysers from GWInstek offering various measurement functions.

The low cost GSP-730 3 GHz spectrum analyzer is also available for training applications and is included in the GSP-GRF Training System.

Power Supplies

Laboratory Power supplies are offered with 2,3 and 4 channels and up to 30V.

Ranges include:

  • GWInstek GPS-2303
  • GPS-3303
  • GPS-4303.

Programmable Power Supplies from Maynuo M8800 Series are from 300W to 1200W. GWInstek offers triple output programmable linear DC power supplies in the PPE Series and PPT Series.  

Electronic Loads

A wide range of electronic loads are available from 150 W up to 200 kW in the Maynuo 9700 Series.

Also offered is the modular PEL-2000 Series from GWInstek.  

LCR Meters

The 6 digit LCR-8000G Series from GWInstek offers ranges from 1MHz to 10MHz. Also available is the low cost LCR-821 20KHz unit. Two new handheld LCR meters are also available with up to 100 KHz test frequency.


Three handheld Storage Oscilloscopes are offered by Hantek, The 1060 and 8060 are 60 MHz units and the 1200 is a 200MHz unit. All have 5.7" colour displays. 

Three Digital Oscilloscopes and Multimeters are available, the GDS-122, the SHS-1062 and the SHS-1102.

Two new RF Field strength analysers have been added from UbiNS

Safety Testers

A wide range of Safety Testers are available in the GWInstek ranges ranges GPI-800, the GPT-9800 and the GPT-9900 Series.  

GPIB Products

Low cost GPIB-USB converters and GPIB-LAN converters are available from Prologix. Also offered is the high performance USB-3488A GPIB-USB Converter from ADLINK.  

Data Loggers

The Log Storm data logger offers continuous monitoring across 20 channels, 100MHz sampling rate, 8 MS memory and logic analyzer functions.


Universal USB IC programmers are available with 48 pin ZIF sockets. Also the SU-600 Flash Programmer – NAND/NOR/SPI

Frequency References

A number of high stability GPS Frequency and time references are available. Also we offer Rubidium oscillators and frequency references.

Battery Testers

Portable battery testers are available for battery maintenance and fault detection. Measurements include cell float voltage, internal cell resistance and inter-cell connection resistance.

Vector Network Analyzers

A range of both benchtop and portable VNA's is available from 300 kHz to 18 GHz.

Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators from Gratten Technology, 250 kHz to 4 GHz.

Power Meters

Microwave Power Meters to measure up to 18 GHz.

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