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We have established, for ourselves, a leading presence in the machine tool industry and can provide solutions for all your complex milling applications.

We have a selection of multi and single spindles, four and five axis machining centres to provide you with customised solutions to your requirements. Our complex milling applications are ideal for use in the aerospace, automotive and power generation sectors and in mould and die manufacture.

Our machining centres can be installed as stand alone units or combined into FMS. Our tem of expert engineers set new standards in the industry and provide a flexible, productive and reliable service.

Impeller and Blisks

We machine the current generation of impellers and blisks in a range of exotic materials as well as aluminium. The essential criteria for impeller and blisk production include dynamics, stability and high availability and precision of the machine.

We develop specific CAD/CAM software to programme intricate multi-blade components like impellers and blisks and also bladed rotors, diffusers, guide rings, pump wheels, and compressors.


We have a wealth of experience in five axis machining and provide high speed cutting of various light metals, such as airfoil and heavy-duty machining of durable alloys.

Airfoil is utilised in the aerospace sector where modern manufacturers are leaning toward integral elements combined into just one component.

Complete and Multi-Side Machining

We have a range of centres offering complete and multi-side machining facilities. A wide variety of applications can be catered for with our complete and multi-side machining and provides progressive tool management.

Our NC clamping table has a high load capacity and offers effective multipiece clamping with exceptional accuracy.

Flexible Machining Meeting The Needs of Assembly

We offer flexible machining meeting the needs of assembly and can be provided with the minimal of setting up expenditures. Our flexible machining meeting the needs of assembly also applies to our tool and workpiece handling and our drive and control system.

Our flexible machining in assembly will ensure efficient machining from small workpieces up to large and very heavy parts.

Perfect Dry and Wet Machining

For perfect dry and wet machining we have developed our machining centres to ensure the direct removal of swarf volumes from the work space. This prevents the formation of swarf nests and heat accumulation.

Perfect dry and wet machining is achieved in line with environmental requirements and for wet machining. Collants is supplied at high pressure through the tool centre, spindles or nozzel.

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