Stayconcrete GmbH


The name “stayconcrete” already contains the core of our concept: pieces of inspiring concrete furniture that have lasting value and are also functional in our daily lives. We achieve that through design concepts that perfectly integrate appealing shapes and optimal functionality. Furniture by stayconcrete has a unique surface structure and can be individually matched to every furnishing style – just the way you want it. We use our special concrete alone or combined with other high-quality materials to create furniture of the highest quality. And because concrete is a highly versatile material, every detail on our furniture can be customised to your needs. Even though individual components are mass produced, every piece of stayconcrete furniture passes through our hands several times: we polish it, give it the finishing touch and assemble it on-site for you. This and the fine differences between each cast part make every piece of our furniture unique. We are concrete about that.

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