STB Polishing Ltd


Established in Birmingham in 1994, STB Polishing Ltd provides a complete range of polishing services, either in-house or on-site, for a variety of customer types throughout the UK.

All metals, shapes and sizes are polished to a high quality standard and finish, using our extensive expertise and purpose built machinery. In addition, we offer polishing services for non-metallic materials such as glass and plastics

Product Types - architectural hardware, balustrades, footrails, guard rails, metal railings, roof terrace rails, lighting fittings, medical equipment and aids, car components, shopfittings, railway fixtures & fittings, door furniture & hinges, brackets, leavers, process pipe work & tubes etc.

All Metals - steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, alloys, etc.

Polisher Services

metal finishing, metal polishing, cleaning, deburring, deflashing, grinding, linishing, sateen, modric, mopping, buffing, tube & centreless polishing, general polishing, in-house & on-site polishing, finishing & polishing of non-metallic materials.

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