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A company with vision, delivering customised IT industry solutions and outstanding customer service

Steatite supply a full range of product solutions that can complement each other. This includes batteries, components, timing and frequency and a full range of rugged notebooks.

In addition we also have specialist industry skills in the following applications:

  • oil and gas
  • satellite systems
  • telecommunications
  • government
  • industrial
  • military

A market leader since 1930, Steatite's success comes from our passion and commitment to deliver high quality and reliable electronic products and services customised to your precise requirements. We place a particular emphasis on providing solutions that are built to last, and that can perform in even the most demanding of environments.

Rugged Laptops

Delivering rugged mobile computer solutions configured to meet your exact industry solution requirements.

At Steatite, we offer a carefully chosen range of rugged portable solutions including Panasonic Toughbook products to meet your industry specific needs and back this up with a full support service. In addition Steatite can fully configure or customise most rugged portable models to meet your requirements including:

  • Semi-Rugged Notebooks
  • Fully Rugged Notebooks
  • Waterproof and water resistant laptop
  • Rugged Tablet PCs
  • Handheld PCs
  • Ultra Mobile PCs
  • Rugged Portable Workstations

Rugged portable computing products are designed for operation in the toughest of environments; however, on occasion standard specification rugged laptops or tablets require adaptation to specific applications and connectivity. To support these requirements, Steatite offers a professional engineering customisation service.

Our team of experienced engineers are available to design and build rugged mobile platforms that suit your requirements without limiting the standard features on rugged products, even under extreme environmental conditions. With Steatite you can be confident of a professional, no compromise quality service. Our range of services includes:

  1. In-Vehicle Computer Installations
  2. Leasing
  3. Servicing & Repair
  4. Customisation
  5. Windows Embedded Standard Operating System
  6. Extended Warranty
  7. Spare Parts
Rugged Laptops

Specialist Battery Packs

Industrial Battery Specialists
Where battery packs are required for demanding applications, Steatite have a proven heritage designing and manufacturing portable power for the most demanding applications. We work with world class battery cell manufacturers to provide true value added services building chargeable and non-rechargeable lithium Custom battery packs.

Steatite's experience with lithium batteries spans 25 years. Our design engineering team is fully conversant with the design and build of safe battery packs. We offer a free advice service regarding shipping of lithium batteries plus the added comfort of knowing you are dealing with a supplier that designs fully legislative compliant products to the highest standards.

World Class Battery Suppliers
In addition to lithium battery solutions, Steatite also provide a variety of other chemistries to a range of different markets. We are aligned to world class battery suppliers and this enables us to offer Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Alkaline Professional Batteries of the highest quality.

Battery Customisation when you need it
Steatite's vast experience in military and commercial markets, plus our resources and ongoing investment in customisation services allows us to meet your precise battery requirements. With Steatite you can be confident of a professional, no compromise quality service.

  • MoD Approved Supplier - Providing a range of custom battery solutions for critical operations
  • Specialists in Downhole Batteries- Proven reputation fir the supply of high temperature lithium batteries and cell packs
  • Industry Proven Solutions - Providing assistance and advice for all of your professional battery requirements 
Specialist Battery Packs

Industrial Computer PC

For 25 years Wordsworth Technology has been at the forefront of the design and build of; industrial computers, industrial rack systems, rugged computers and the development of custom solutions.

Having a vast range and large amount of stocked items including:

  • Windows XP Embedded
  • Embedded Computers
  • Industrial Panel PC
  • Panel PC
  • Industrial Computers
  • Industrial PCs
  • Industrial Computer board
  • Compact PCI Systems and 4U rackmount systems

allows Wordsworth Technology to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service for all your Industrial Computing needs. And we also offer the facility to purchase direct from our online store.

Wordsworth supply and offer custom configurations for a wealth of industrial and rackmount computer solutions to meet your precise application needs. We also provide an extensive range of boards and power supplies. Our knowledge and skills allow us to deliver solutions to you both cost-effectively and quickly plus we back-up everything we do with superb after sales service and support.

Industrial Hardware - Rack Systems - Embedded Systems - Panel PCs - Communications & I/O - Atom Solutions

Industrial Computer PC

Embedded Systems

Industry Solutions
Learn more about the solutions that we can offer for your industry - Digital signage, Security: CCTV & ANPR, Vehicle & Telematics

Steatite Embedded
specialise in the design and manufacture of long life embedded computers based on compact x86 industrial grade motherboards (Mini-ITX, PC/104, EPIC etc...)

We offer a range of engineering services to help with the design and implementation of your embedded solution:

  • System specification
  • Chassis design
  • Windows Embedded design
  • System integration and testing

Mini-ITX - Mini-ITX Motherboards measure just 17 x 17cm making them compact enough tor use in embedded applications without sacrificing functionality

Embedded Boards - Our range of industrial embedded boards include PC/104, ITX, 3.5", 5.25" and EPIC. Each board is available for at least three years from launch

Embedded Systems - Our range of embedded PCs are available in various factors including 1U and wallmount. All are designed and built with longevity in mind.

Panel PCs - All of our panel PCs have been selected for their low power, fanless designs. All IP-rated and available in sizes from 7" to 19" and beyond.

Embedded Systems

Case Studies

Steatite upgrade Broadcasting Studios with custom embedded low-power computers
Custom embedded PCs using the latest low-power technology enabled one of the world’s top radio broadcasters to meet future computing demands throughout its network of studios, within a budget comparable to an off-the-shelf solution…

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