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Steel Forgings Ltd produces open die forgings from 5kg to 5000kg for many industries. In addition to steels, other metals are supplied like copper alloys and nickel-based alloys.

Our steel forging company is built upon a high level of metallurgical and manufacturing expertise. We pride ourselves on our speed of commercial and manufacturing service. We aim to deliver on short lead times.

Engineering Forgings

Our engineering forgings are supplied in carbon steels, alloy steels, and stainless steels. Our heat treatments include annealed, normalised, solution annealed, hardened and tempered, and precipitation hardened.

Our testing includes hardness, tensile, izod and charpy. We also test corrosion, cleanness, ultrasonic and MPI.

We can supply our engineering forgings black, rough machined, or finished to drawing.

Transmission Forgings

Our transmission forgings are supplied in induction hardening steels, carburising steels, through hardening steels, and nitriding steels.

We also offer testing and a range of heat treatments for transmission forgings and different supply conditions.

Petrochemical Forgings

As well as testing, heat treatments and supply conditions, our petrochemical forgings can be supplied in carbon and alloy steels.

Petrochemical forgings can also be manufactured in stainless steel and nickel-based steels.

Wheels & Tyres for Cranes

We provide wheels and tyres for cranes for a range of applications. Our NEVERWEAR tyres and wheels have hardness and wear-resistance guarantee and a long life promise.

Typical applications for our wheels and tyres for cranes have included steelworks, ladle cranes and Ingot transfer cars. They can also be used for shipyard cranes and mining and quarrying.

Our materials comply to many of the British Standards, like BS 3037 British Standard for crane wheels and tyres and come in sizes up to 1500mm tread diameter. Our supply conditions are black, rough machined and finish machined.

Rolled steel rings

Rolled steel rings manufactured using an upset forging followed by roll forging process.

Forged rings produced by hammer or press forging.

Size range, 250mm to 3000mm diameter.  

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Forged steel rings

Forged steel rings manufactured by hammer or press forging.

Rolled steel rings finished by roll forging process.

Size range, 250mm to 3000mm diameter.

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