Steel Worx


We all know that these days your business is not visible without a website. And that out there is this strange mystical place called social media. But how do you make sure that what you are doing online is effective? Or that when you are hiring professionals how can you be confident they are not just spinning you a line masked behind incomprehensible jargon just so they can sell you something you don't really need?

What you need is help without the hype and that is what Steel Worx is all about. We are not a design agency or web developers and we don’t have a product to sell. We are here to offer you impartial advice in getting the most out of the digital world for your business. We can even act as your honest friend when you have to talk technical with others.

Website assessment

We carry out an evaluation of your website, looking at its effectiveness and usability. You will then receive a report (in plain English) giving a thorough appraisal of the site and recommendations for improvements.

Social media audit

We offer two services for social media. In the first instance we will do a spot check on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc) and through a report offer an honest appraisal of its effectiveness and how you might improve client engagement. Or, we can do a more in-depth analysis through following your channel for a month.

Engaging web agencies

We offer two services here. For the first one we will work with you to help you to develop a specification to take to web agencies. A good specification will help you to get what you want and to the agreed budget. The second service we offer is to assess the responses from agencies and to help you ask the right questions of them before you enter into a contract.

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