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At Stelmax Ltd, we are leading specialists in sealants and adhesives for the uPVC/vinyl window industry. We manufacture and supply high quality products as our demands in a broad range of industries grow. Furthermore, at Stelmax Ltd, we have established a worldwide exporting presence distributing to locations including New Zealand, Malta and Singapore.

1961 Sealant

Our specialised 1961 sealant will gap fill and bond joints of outstanding strength when used with PVC and also achieves good adhesion with many porous substrates.

The Stelmax 1961 sealant is formulated to fill large gaps and proves extremely useful in the window industry for the installation of frames and attachments. It also has the added benefits of becoming chemical, weather and UV-resistance when dry.

1965 Gap Filler and Sealant

Our 1965 gap filler and sealant is extremely similar to the 1961 sealant in both are highly durable, strong and can be easily applied to PVC resin, pigment, plasticiser or solvent mixes to from maintenance free joints.

Extensively used in the window industry and coming in many colours, the 1965 gap filler and sealant is typically used to provide a seal within the window frame with its smaller gap filling properties.

1985 Adhesive

Our 1985 adhesive is particularly useful in the window industry when bonding is needed over small and narrow surface areas. The 1985 adhesive is an easily applied PVC resin and solvent-based mix and exhibits excellent chemical, weathering and UV resistance.

Solvent Cleaner

We have an extensive solvent cleaner range including many high performing products such as PVC Ultraclean and Thinners & Cleaning Fluid. Both solvent cleaner products have many advanced effects to clean soiled PVC and PVC coated components.

Polystyrene Cement

Our Stelmax polystyrene cement bonds readily to from high strength joints when used to bond both general purpose and high impact polystyrene. It’s polystyrene bead and solvent-based mix when dry, exhibits weathering and chemical resistance.

Polystyrene cement can be available in tin, tube or cartridge format. We can supply many colours in addition to the standard opaque finish.

PVC Filler and Repair Paste

When used to fill and bond rigid and plasticized PVC and PVC coated metal, Stelmax PVC filler and repair paste exhibits exceptional strength, weathering, UV and chemical resistance when dry.

Stelmax PVC filler and repair paste is available in British standard colours with matching facilities available on request for special colours.

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