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Stelram specialise in designing machinery and automation systems tailored to suit your manufacturing process.

Stelram Engineering Ltd provides a wide range of services to our ever increasing customer base. We can offer the complete engineering solution from concept through to final installation and commisioning, including electrical and mechanical design, assembly and control systems, CNC machining and fabrication.

Bakery Machinery

Stelram offer a range of products suitable for use in the baking industry. These include:

  • Tin tray coolers: designed to cool bakery tins and trays back down to a suitable temperature for replacement of fresh dough.
  • Tin tray cleaners: designed to remove left over debris from the baking process such as dough, crumbs and seeds.
  • Depositors: designed to deal with a wide range of products.
  • Dough slitting systems: designed to put decorative cuts into all kinds of dough.
  • Packing stations: used for manual loading of bread into baskets.
  • Tin tray decorating systems: designed to be used for decorating baked products in tins and on trays.
  • Water spraying systems: designed to coat baked products in water or glaze.
Bakery Machinery

Mixing and Filling

Mixing and filling products from Stelram include:

  • 1000Lt planetary mixing
  • 1000Lt high shear mixing
  • 205Lt drum extruder
  • 1000Lt vessel extruder
  • Cartridge filling system
  • Ancillary equipment
Mixing and Filling

Fabric Belt Conveyors

Our fabric belt conveyors are particularly useful in the food industry, which brings particular challenges to conveyor design and manufacture. Our PU conveyor belts are made from inert materials which cannot be contaminated by the products carried upon them. They are easy to clean as a result of their very smooth surface.

Fabric Belt Conveyors

Automotive Machinery

Stelram design and manufacture specialist machinery suitable for use in the automative industry, including:

  • Glueing and application systems: to apply hot melt glue and then apply a plastic foot rest found next to the clutch pedal.
  • Vision systems
  • Plastic punching systems: designed to punch a hole for 12 volt power unit into a plastic injection molded automative boot component.
  • Formed carpet punching: designed to punch a square hole for a plastic attachment into an automotive boot carpet.
  • Trunk sides carpet assembly: used to assemble felt pads on to a formed carpet automotive boot carpet.
  • Screw driver assembly: used to assemble plastic components on to 3 different automotive boot components.
  • Wheel arch liner assembly: used to assemble self adhesive foam pads onto plastic injection molded automotive wheel arch liner.
Automotive Machinery

Mechanical Design

Our project engineering team use Autodesk Inventor to help visualise, simulate and also analyse how a mechanical design is likely to work in real-world conditions before it is manufactured. The 3D modelling systems give Stelram a considerable advantage in lead time from point of sale to delivery over standard 2D Cad systems.

Mechanical Design

Project Management

Our project management facilities and strengths include:

  • Up-to-date Autodesk CAD software, Inventor & AutoCAD
  • Automated systems and special purpose machinery design
  • Concep design
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic circuit design
  • Engineering calculations
  • Vast range of experience covering automation projects in the automotive, FMCG, food and drink and chemical industries.
Project Management

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