Stencil Marking Co Ltd


Stencil Marking is a privately owned family business that provides quality stencils and marking tools to a variety of industrial sectors. We offer a wide range of stencils and products including:

  • Letter & Number Stencils
  • Information Stencils
  • Interlocking Stencils
  • Cappuccino Stencils
  • Decorative Wall Stencils
  • Clock Face Stencils
  • Card Making, Patchwork & Quilting Stencils
  • Custom Cut Stencils

Letter & Number Stencils

Featuring all 26 letters in upper and lower case, each stencil can be purchased in an array of materials including plastic, zinc and magnetic rubber. All stencils are ideal for marking things like boxes, floors, racking, crates and isles.

Sizes range from 1” (25mm) to 12” (300mm) although larger sizes are available on request.

Information Stencils

Manufactured in plastic or zinc, Stencil Marking offers numerous important informative stencils to portray an array of messages.

For stenciling onto walls, boards, pavements, doors, just about anywhere you want!

Interlocking Stencils

Stencil Marking offers reusable interlocking stencils that slide together and are quick and easy to use. All stencils are made from zinc, titanium or alloy and are great for marking things like boxes, crates, pallets, floors and aisles etc. Our interlocking stencils work particularly with aerosol sprays and rollers.

We are the only manufacturer of zinc interlocking stencils in the UK.

Stencil Spray

Stencil Spray is a general purpose aerosol paint supplied in a large 400ml Aerosol Can.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Quick and easy to use fast drying, use on virtualy any surface.

Choose from a range of colours .

Decorative Wall Stencils

Use our comprehensive range of stencils to create striking and original designs on your wall. From gorgeous butterfly and flower collections to creative sports and animals designs, there is a dazzling array of stencils to choose from.

These simple yet striking designs are a great way to transform your home without splashing out large amounts of money on enhancing interior design.

Clock Face Stencils

Our clock face stencils feature individual character markings, and are ideal for marking all types of surfaces and objects. All characters are provided on one single disc ensuring ease of use.

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