Sterling Springs Ltd


We are specialist manufacturers of high quality spring clips and pressings. With over five decades of experience, we supply all of the tooling for your wire-form custom springs, clips and pressings in our own state-of-the-art facility. 

As well as all of the standard spring clips and pressings, we design and manufacture complex progression multislide tooling to run on our high-speed equipment, turning raw material into finished precision custom springs, clips and pressings, without the need for further expensive manual operations.

Coil Springs

We are professional and renowned manufacturers and suppliers of coil springs.

Our range of coil springs includes round, square, or rectangular section custom coil springs, tension springs, compression springs – and our core speciality is stainless steel springs to specification. We make stainless steel springs to your exact specifications.


Custom springs and pressings are just part of the story. We do a lot more than just press metal and coil springs.

We provide assemblies as well as single components, springs and pressings. Our assemblies capabilities includes the supply of a sub-assembly to any component we manufacture, as well as sub-contract components you require to give you the complete assembly to suit your needs.

Wire Forms

We manufacture wire forms to specification out of square or round wire in almost any material. In fact, we offer wire forms any shape including compression springs.

We use only the latest high technology, state-of-the-art computerised machinery to produce complex wire forms to specification. We do everything from design, tooling, and manufacture in-house. We offer wire forms and compression springs at low cost and high quality.

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