Stewart Inspection & Analysis Ltd.

Alex Stewart (Assayers) Ltd supply quality commodity inspection and laboratory analysis, cargo supervision, quality and quantity control, weighing, sampling and assaying, testing, verification and certification services for the facilitation of international trade from metals and minerals, agricultural, crude oil and petroleum, mining and exploration, commercial and environmental industries to international businesses and governments.
Alex Stewart has established a global network to provide extensive coverage and ensure protecting client's interests. All of our laboratories combine traditional techniques with modern instrumentation to analyse commodities and materials to a high degree of precision and obtain accurate content determinations.
Inspection and supervision services are performed by a team of highly trained experienced inspectors, samplers & marine cargo surveyors who perform their work in accordance with recognised industry standards. ASA can cover all major and minor bulk commodity ports, warehouses and refineries throughout the world and offer continuity from load port to discharge port. Call Stephen Russell for more information or a quotation.
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